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Flying with Babies by Private Jet

Flying with Babies by Private Jet

Whether you are flying privately or commercially, flying with babies by private jet should be one of your top priorities. However, one needs to be super careful when flying with babies. Babies are very delicate and sensitive, which is why extra care needs to be applied when flying with them.

Flying with babies is one of the worst nightmares of many parents. Nevertheless, flying with babies in private jets helps to take away that nightmare. The experience is splendid, and it would make the journey look like a dream.

You do not have to join the queue with your kids. You do not have to worry about other passengers when crabbiness strikes. You will have more than enough space and room to have a good time with your baby while flying. You can take a nap, get custom-made meals for you and your baby, play games, and literally feel at home while flying.

What You Need to Know When Flying Private Jet with Your Baby

Consult Your Doctor for Medical Advice

The first thing every nursing mother flying private jets with their children should do is to consult a medical professional. It is normal and safe for you to travel with your baby via a private jet. It provides great comfort, and you would be off the air much faster than when you fly commercially. Nevertheless, before you make your flight arrangements, you should speak to your medical doctor about it. Your doctor will provide you with some helpful medical advice when flying with your baby.

It Is Super Comfortable and Convenient

There is no better, more comfortable, and more convenient way of traveling with a baby than with a private jet. Flying a private jet with your baby will not only make you comfortable but your baby as well. It brings world-class convenience and comfort. A private jet ensures safe and convenient travel for nursing mothers and their babies or toddlers.

If the child is below the age of two, you can carry them on your lap. There is also a seat dedicated to babies, to hold them safely and comfortably while you fly. The convenience of our private jet charter services also extends to your meals. If you want, there would be a caterer onboard to provide you with custom-made meals. You can also give the caterer specific instructions on how to make your baby’s food.

There are also refrigerators and kitchens at the terminals that you can use to store your food upon arrival at the terminal. Your preferential treatment does not start in the private jet; it starts right from your booking process. If you or your baby are on any medication, you can travel along with it, provided the medication is permitted by the law. If you have any special needs or requests, you can inform us before your flight, as we are here to help you fly safely and comfortably.

Prevent Long Queues and Protect Your Baby from Covid

Traveling in a private jet is not only comfortable but also safe. You would be able to avoid long queues at the airport, which is not only time-consuming but also dangerous to the health of your baby. This is one of the major benefits of traveling with your baby by private jet.

Your Baby Needs a Passport

If you want to travel by flight with your baby, you would need to provide a valid passport for you and your baby. Also, you want to make sure you have all the necessary documents and paperwork for the country you want to visit. You should make sure that all the documents and paperwork required by immigration services, customs, and the police are in place.

Book/Charter a Private Jet in Advance

Many nursing mothers usually have additional considerations when traveling by private jets such as bedtime and nap-time. As such, you need to give us some time to find the perfect jet that will serve your needs and that of your baby. Booking on time will help us prepare for your journey more efficiently.

Of course, one of the major benefits of flying on a private jet is that you can secure a flight on very short notice – as little as four hours, for very urgent travels.

Flying with Babies by Private Jet

Is There a Dedicated Seat for My Baby on a Private Jet?

According to aviation regulations, babies below the age of two can travel on the lap of their parents. They will require their own seat when they are over two years old. However, when traveling with your baby, you can go along with their car seat. You can strap the car seat in a rear-facing seat, adhering to the same safety rules as with traveling by car. There is no dedicated seat for babies below the age of two in private jets, but you can either carry your baby on your lap or use a car seat (strapped to a chair).

When Is It Safe to Travel on a Private Jet with a Newborn Baby?

You can fly on a private jet with your newborn baby whenever you are ready. Provided your baby’s valid passport is ready and you have made arrangements for your private jet, there is no specific rule stopping you. However, you should consult your doctor before traveling.

Some doctors recommend that you wait until the immune system of your baby is better developed. This can take up to four weeks, but many doctors recommend at least three months before traveling with a newborn baby by plane.

Can I Come On Board a Private Jet with My Baby’s Food and Milk?

When traveling on a private jet with your baby, you can come along with their food and milk. We can also arrange for this if you want. On arriving at the private jet terminal (FBO), you can hand your baby food and milk over to the staff to take it onboard for you. If you want, a caterer can also make special baby food for your baby based on your instructions when flying with babies by private jet. 


The Best Luxury Ski Resorts

With the new ski season fast approaching and as new layers of snow start to hit the ground, it is time to prepare for that long-awaited vacation and hit the slopes at the best luxury ski resorts in the world. If you want to reward yourself after an extensive work period at an exquisite resort with privacy and quiet, then we have got a lineup of the best luxury ski resorts for you.

At these awesome resorts, you would be able to pastime viewing mountains, skiing, and indulging different après ski events. We have selected some of the best luxury ski resorts around the world to meet your needs, preferences, and standard.

Best Luxurious Ski Resorts in the World

1. Aspen, Colorado

Best Luxury Ski Resort

The list of the best ski resorts in the world will not be complete without this resort. Aspen is one of the most luxurious ski resorts in the world, if not the most luxurious. The list of activities and engagements at this resort is endless. You can engage in different snow activities and explore the wide range of terrains it has.

This resort also has four world-class mountains, leaving you with the wonders of nature to feed your eyes. Aspen has some of the best and most luxurious restaurants, shops, and hotels. Its offerings are much more than what any other ski resort in North America offers.

Luxury Ski Resort Aspen, Colorado

This resort provides all the luxuries and comfort you would ever need. The food, relaxation spots, events, everything is extraordinary. Aspen is a very most popular ski destination for skiing across the globe. This resort has four ski areas – Snowmass, Buttermilk, Aspen Highlands, and Aspen Mountain. The skiing experience in Park City is second exceptional because of the snow that falls there.

Among the great lineup of hotels, St. Regis in Aspen is one of the most common. The award-winning Remede Spa of this resort is also one of the most visited places, as many people love it there. One of the best places to stay is the Little Nell Hotel, as it is the jewel in the crown of Aspen. The hotel is just in between the city and the mountain. It offers excellent service, luxury, and feted cuisine.

2. Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

Luxury Ski Resort Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

If you are looking for the best luxury ski resort that offers great sightseeing, then you should consider the Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy. This is one of the chicest destinations in Italy, and it has a lot in store for you. It is an ancient mountain town, and soaring cathedrals of sandstone surround it.

The business of snowboarding and skiing is very important in Cortina. There is a green and white bell tower at the village’s center and other great sights to behold. It also has a great lineup of expensive restaurants, wine bars, and nightclubs. There are 86 kilometers of groomed slopes, and snowmaking covers 95 percent of it. It is also divided into three different areas – Tofana, Faloria-Cristallo, and Lagazuoi-Cinque Torri, and you can get to any of the ski areas with a free bus.

One of the best places to stay in this mountain resort is Cristallo – a five-star hotel. This hotel offers a full service including free rides from and to the town centers and lifts. It also has an amazing indoor and heated outdoor pool with a serene environment, outdoor hot tubs, steam room, gym, and more.

3. Lech, Austria

Luxury Ski Resort Lech, Austria

Lech, Austria is one of the most remarkable ski resorts in the world. Back in 1991, it was said that the two sons of Prince Diana had their first ski experience here. Since then, it has been a visiting place for celebrities and royal families, and you can also leave your mark on this great resort.

The comfort in this resort is exceptional. Interestingly, this place has managed to retain its traditional charm over the decades while upgrading its facilities. This place is also known for its crowd control techniques. In this resort, you will not have any issues like overcrowding. To control the crowd, Lech introduced a policy that allows for only 14,000-day passes in one day.

Luxury Ski Resort Lech, Austria

One of the best places to stay here is Hotel Almhof Schneider. This hotel is splendid, and it provides the convenience of doorstep skiing. With this resort, skiing will be a breeze. You can also run back to the hotel for a soothing massage after spending some time on the slopes.

4. Whistler, Canada

Luxury Ski Resort Whistler, Canada

Whistler, Canada is one of the most exciting and fun places to be. This ski resort has a lot to offer and you can spend all day outdoors without getting bored. The facilities of Whistler are also fascinating, and it offers two amazing mountains that you can explore.

The two mountains are Blackcomb and Whistler, and they include more than 8,000 acres of snow-covered slopes. It is one of the best luxury ski resorts in North America because of its great offerings. The town also has some amazing shops, hotels, and restaurants to try out new foods and delicacies.

The Four Seasons Resort and Residences is one of the best places to stay in this town. The hotel is outstanding and it contains more than 270 lodge guest rooms. It has great amenities, top-notch services, and more.

5. St. Moritz, Switzerland

Luxury Ski Resort St. Mortiz, Switzerland

The St. Moritz ski resort also made it to this list because of the luxury it offers. The luxury of this ski resort also extends to the designer ski wear its guest put on. This resort has been in business for a very long time, and it has more than enough time to master its craft and provide its guests with the finest luxury they could ever think of.

This ski resort has welcomed presidents, kings, queens, celebrities, and more. It offers different events including night skiing, alpine skiing, ski jumping, snowboarding, and more.


These are some of the most amazing, luxurious ski resorts in the world. They offer great events, mountains, hotels, shops, restaurants, and more. Another luxury ski resort that is worth giving a shot is Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA.

Contact us to enhance your experience and stay up to date with the latest news! Ski longer when you travel to luxury ski resorts by one of our private jets.

Private Jet News – What is Flying Around Lately?

Private Jet News

Private jet news

 Air travel plays an important part in the transportation industry. More than 1.7 billion individuals use air travel every single year – and the number continues to increase.

Let’s face it though, traveling in a regular passenger aircraft can make you feel cramped up and uncomfortable. This is why private jets are becoming so popular. With private aviation, you get to enjoy a luxurious way of traveling by air.

In recent times, we’ve seen a significant increase in interest for flights in a private jet. With this in mind, we decided to take a look at the current news in the private aviation industry.

Spike In Demand For Private Jets

One of the major stories circulating right now is the fact that the demand for a private jet has been increasing significantly in just a short period of time.

In fact, a 68% growth rate in the demand for private jets was observed within just the first quarter of 2021.

There are a few reasons this type of aviation has become so popular. In the last year, the entire world was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. This is one factor that has certainly contributed to a higher demand for private aviation services.

The virus spread throughout the entire world, causing people to become concerned.

The use of a private jet means fewer individuals are present in the aircraft. This made it easier to practice social distancing. Additionally, access to these aviation services has also increased, with several new companies buying jets to give travelers a private air travel option.

It should also be noted that the private jet industry recovered at a significantly faster rate. This comes into play when comparing the recovery during the pandemic to that of global air travel companies.

Spike In Private Jet Memberships

In addition to the higher demand, there has also been an increase in the number of private jet memberships recorded among global leaders. Compared to one year ago, companies are reporting an increase of over 50% in the number of travelers signing up for a membership.

Access to a private flight is still significantly more expensive compared to public airlines, but there are benefits. Wealth creation programs have also been established throughout this time.

This, in turn, has helped some people create wealth from home. In turn, this allows these people access to private flying services – as their budgets now allow for higher expenses when they choose to fly instead of drive.

Spike In Companies Buying Aircrafts For Business Purposes

The higher request for private flight services can not only be seen among the average consumers, but also in the business world. In fact, according to one report, some businesses are now looking to buy their own jets.

This often leads to the purchase of second hand aircraft. The jet would then be customized according to the needs of the company. The same report states that in recent news, there now seems to be a shortage of luxury jets. This is, in part, due to the large number of business owners turning to the safety that comes with the use of a private aircraft.

Insights show that this demand has two sides to it. A company looking to gain access to a private flight may first consider buying a new jet.

Thus, reports of a shortage were seen rising in June 2021. As it became clear that there is a shortage of new jets, we also see an increase in pricing for second hand aircrafts.

This is also why many people and business owners turn toward companies that offer flights in a private aircraft, without the need to buy a jet themselves. This can be a more economical choice when flying, and ensures the business is not affected by the rising prices.

Spike In Private Jet Usages During Covid-19 Pandemic

Another thing we noticed recently is the Covid-19 pandemic driving an increase in interest for private jet usage. The virus is known to be highly contagious and caused many people to lose their lives over the last year. As lockdowns started to ease in some countries, businesses quickly jumped to the occasion to start working again. This meant traveling became essential, but the fear of Covid-19 was still real at this point in time. 

Due to these concerns, many people have started to consider the use of private jets. Only a small number of individuals are allowed on these private jets. This means that there is a significantly lower risk of being exposed to the Covid-19 virus when flying private. 

In the month of June, many private jet companies reported that as much as half of customers were new. This means there were many people moving from regular flights to private jets. Additionally, some of these companies also report a growth rate in the number of people who fly with them – with up to 127% growth reported when compared to 2019. The reduced risk of virus exposure accounts for more than just the time spent inside the jet. Prior to entering an aircraft, there is often a long line of individuals who will be going on the flight. This, in turn, adds another area where a person risks exposure to the virus. With a private jet, there is no line to worry about. This is because the private jet is booked beforehand and only a limited number of passengers are allowed on board. Once the passengers arrive at the airport, they are transported to the area where the private jet is stored – without waiting in a long line.  


Private aviation offers a more luxurious aircraft, allowing for added comfort and safety when traveling by air. The costs associated with using a private jet have started to decline too, which explains the fact that the interest in these services is quickly rising. Whether for business or personal purposes, private aviation remains a good alternative to regular air traveling options.

Want to get a taste of what it feels like to travel in style? At Vincent Jets, we’ve got an exciting lineup of private jets that gets you to your destination, while offering luxury at the same time.

Private Jet Interior – The most luxurious private jet interior designs.

Private Jet Interior

Curious about a private jet interior? Keep reading.

We all understand the advantages of air travel. While many of these people use standard airlines, some prefer to have a private jet for traveling purposes. In the United States, there are over 21,000 business aircraft registered.

Flying in a private jet has several advantages. For many people, the interior designs offered by such a jet is what attracts them. Want an inside view of what these people are experiencing? Then read on, as we take a closer look inside a private jet.

Take A Look Inside A Private Jet

While private jets focus on providing the same function as a regular aircraft, they do come with their advantages. Whether you need to host a conference while traveling or require a luxurious bed to take a nap – these are only some of the amazing features we see in private jets.

Most Luxurious Private Jet Interior Designs

When it comes to luxurious private jet interiors, the Boeing 787-8 BBJ is one of the most well-known options. The aircraft forms part of the Boeing Business Jets range and offers a medium-sized haul. On the inside, you are presented with 2,400 square feet of space – with enough room for up to 40 people.

In addition to a fully featured living room space, a master bedroom can also be found inside the jet – which features its own walk-in closet.

Apart from the walk-in closet, another factor that adds to the luxurious aesthetics and design elements would be the large shower. This shower is featured in the master bedroom – which makes it easy to get into the bed after a warm shower.

Another luxury jet design that definitely needs a spot here is the Embraer Lineage 1000E. Even on the outside, this aircraft already features a modern design. Inside, you can find a master bedroom with its own bathroom, a range of skylights, and a big-screen TV.

The ACJ319neo is a jet that focuses on providing a luxury environment for a large number of individuals. There are several seating arrangements that can be found in the interior.

Well Known Jet Interior Designers

These jets did not design themselves, of course. Apart from the aircraft manufacturers, experts in the field of design are often involved in the process of private jets. Bombardier Global and other manufacturers all work with experts in aviation style to bring companies and the wealthy access to the latest interiors.

Design Q has become one of the more recognized jet interior designers. This company was first founded in 1997 and has since been in evolved in the design of luxury jets from multiple manufacturers.

Alberto Pinto is also a designer that people should keep an eye on. His sense of luxury surpasses many of the other designers throughout the world. Alberto has even worked with royal families in the past. He is known for his work on aircraft from both the Boeing and the Bombardier Global brands.

When it comes to a more minimalistic private jet design, Martin Kemp comes to mind. This expert has a team that takes advantage of the latest technologies to deliver a luxury interior that is simple, minimalistic, but also functional at the same time.

Favorite Jet Interior Features

Some features in private jets are certainly more desirable or requested than others. Additionally, when it comes to aviation design, it is important to note that the needs of the client will be taken into consideration.

A business that requires a private Boeing, for example, may have a need for facilities that allow partners to have a meeting while on the flight. In such a case, one room in the Boeing 747-iI comes into mind. This particular jet features a large dining room that easily doubles as a conference setup. The room also comes with a TV, which is great for times where a third party needs to be present when they are not on the flight.

Master bedrooms are also highly requested among people who prefer the use of a private jet. These bedrooms are often fitted with a king-size bed. Additional luxury features can be seen in a private jet that comes with its own master bedroom. These features often include walk-in closets, separate showers, and more.

For a more relaxed trip, some people rather prefer a luxurious living room right inside the jet. This may consist of comfortable couches that come with convenient features, such as reclining seats. You’ll often see desks installed in such a room, which allows people to enjoy a meal with some wine while they are sitting back and taking a break from the world underneath.

Final Thoughts

Private jets offer a wide range of features that makes your flight more convenient. From internet access to an interior design that puts your comfort first. We looked at some of the best private jet interiors in this post – which one is your favorite? Be sure to drop a comment below, and feel free to share your own experiences too.

Vincent Jets offer luxury private jets that feature state-of-the-art interior design facilities.

If you’ve enjoyed these private jet interior designs and want to experience luxury first-hand, be sure to contact us


Private Jet to Hawaii – Jet off to the Exotic Island.

Private Jet to Hawaii

A private jet to Hawaii is the perfect way to enjoy a long flight to one of the world’s best destinations. After all, a private jet is always a good choice, and for this trip, in particular, it is probably the best choice.

Filled with beautiful beaches and resorts, Hawaii is a great destination for business, to party, or just have a relaxing vacation. If you are considering a private jet charter to Hawaii but are not yet sure, this post will definitely help you make up your mind.

Read on to convince yourself why you might want to book a jet charter to Hawaii, the perfect exotic destination for a wonderful vacation. We will share some suggestions that will help you make the most out of a unique private jet experience to one of the world’s top destinations.

Private Jet to Hawaii: Airports

If you are considering booking a private jet charter to Hawaii you should first know about the different airport alternatives. Although small, the Hawaiian islands have numerous airport options. This should come as no surprise.

Hawaii is an archipelago composed of eight main islands. Many of these islands have one airport or more, and many of them can be used for private jets. This gives you different airport options from which to choose.

Depending on what your plans are and which of the islands you will be staying on, some of Hawaii’s private jet-friendly airports may suit you better than others. Once you are in the Hawaiian islands you can use different transport options to move between them. Some of these options include small planes, ferries, and cruises.

These are the most popular private jet destinations in the Hawaiian islands:

Big Island

This is the main island, also named Hawaii, and one of the most popular for private jets. It is a great destination both for vacation and business flights.


This is not the most popular island in Hawaii, but precisely that makes it attractive for people looking for calm and silence.


Maui has different airport options, even though they are close to one another. The Kahului airport and Kapalua airport are both good alternatives for private jets. There are great natural sites to visit in Maui.


This island is famous for its natural landscapes and the many different recreational activities it offers. It has three airports that can be used by your jet charter.


Last but not least is the island that has the capital of the state of Hawaii, Honolulu. There are six different airports, so booking your private jet charter should be no problem in terms of options. There are many iconic places you surely want to visit on this island, making it a great tourist destination.

Choosing the Right Airport

If you are unsure which airport suits you best, make sure to contact a trusted private charter company who can help you decide. At Vincent Jets, our team is always ready to help you out.

The different flight options make this a tough decision for anyone without the proper information, so make sure to inform yourself properly and choose the right island based on your destination.

Popular Private Jet Routes

Having so many airports, there are many different options you can choose from to book a jet to Hawaii. Most private jets going to Hawaii depart from the west coast. However, many also come from the midwest.

Depending on where you are traveling from, a jet to Hawaii may take somewhere from 6 to 9 hours. The closer you are to the west coast, the faster you’ll arrive in Hawaii. Flights from Los Angeles, for example, take around 6 hours depending on the jet charter you use. From the midwest, it usually takes longer, somewhere from 7 to 9 hours, also depending on the jet.

Popular Jet Aircrafts

When it comes to choosing the right private jet charter for a flight to Hawaii there are many different options to consider. You might want to check our page on some of the best private jet charter options.

As for the case of choosing the right airport for your flight, you might also want to consider talking to an expert, like Vincent Jets, that can help you choose the right private jet charter.

Hawaii Private Jet Price Chart

If you are looking to book a private jet charter to Hawaii you are probably traveling with more people. When booking your flight, consider the number of people at the moment of choosing the jet charter model. This is one of the determinant factors that determine the price.

Depending on where you are traveling from, a jet to Hawaii can be somewhere between $45,000 and $100,000, the first in case you are departing from the west coast and the second from the east coast.

Empty Leg Flight Options

The flight to Hawaii is a long one, so you might as well want to save some money. To do so, we strongly recommend you check out the different empty leg options available. An empty leg is a flight that, for some reason or another, flies empty. This makes it very cheap to book a flight and is a great alternative to visit Hawaii. Check out our empty leg page.

Book a Private Jet to Hawaii

Enjoy this long flight on a private jet and give yourself a treat. Hawaii is a great destination both for tourism and business. No matter what the purpose of your flight is, a private jet charter is the best alternative to travel in style.

Book your private jet to Hawaii today with Vincent Jets!

Private Jet to Vegas – Party in Style (Privately)

private jet to vegas

Taking a private jet to Vegas is the ultimate way to enjoy a city that has everything to offer. If you are considering it as your next destination, you should seriously consider booking a private flight

A private jet isn’t just the best way to travel. It is the beginning of a great adventure. Keep in mind that what starts well ends up well, and there is no better way to begin your next trip than with a private jet charter

To make the most out of your experience, be sure to choose the right private aviation company as well as the private jet charter that best suits you. Also, be sure to coordinate on which airport you will be landing at; Las Vegas is commonly reached through three private jet airports. These might sound like minor details, but they can make the difference at the moment of your next flight. 

If you are considering using a private jet to go to Las Vegas, read this article. You will surely find the information you need to book your next private jet

Taking a Private Jet to Vegas

Las Vegas is famous for its never-ending offer of restaurants, parties, events, and social life. However, do not forget that it is also a great destination for both business and leisure. That is why it is common to see many executives’ charter flights arriving in Las Vegas.

There are many different private aviation companies that arrive in Las Vegas. However, only a few offer the experience you deserve. Make sure to find the right private flight service provider before booking your flight. 

One of the best things about using a private jet is that the party can start even before you arrive in Las Vegas. Among passengers, one of the most popular things to do is have a party on the jet to Las Vegas. Coordinate with your crew what you will be needing to make the most of your party in the skies.

Private Jet Airports In Vegas

Private aviation is a big deal in Las Vegas. This makes sense, since the city is constantly receiving people from all over the world, not just from the States, and many of them arrive in private jets. After all, if you are already going to one of the most dynamic cities in the world, why not use a private jet charter and travel in style?

Due to its influx of private jets, Las Vegas has three private jet airports. For a city with less than a million people, this is a lot. However, when the number of travelers is taken into account, the picture changes. 

When taking a private jet to Vegas, make sure to find the airport that is more convenient for you. These are the three most important private jet airports in Las Vegas:

McCarran International Airport (LAS)

This isn’t just the most important commercial airport in Las Vegas. It is also the main airport in Nevada’s Clark County. Aside from commercial flights, this airport is also capable of managing your private jet charter.

It is conveniently located near The Strip, one of the most iconic places in all of Las Vegas. From the airport, you can reach the city center of Las Vegas in around 15 minutes by car.

Henderson Executive Airport (HSH)

This is a public use government airport you can consider for your next private jet flight to Las Vegas. It is located in Henderson, also in Clark County, around 13 miles south of Las Vegas

North Las Vegas Airport (VGT)

This airport is located three miles northwest of downtown Las Vegas. In the Las Vegas region, it is the second busiest airport.

Popular Private Jet Routes

One of the most popular private jet routes to Las Vegas departs from LA. However, it is not the only one. Private aviation companies make sure to offer you alternatives from all over the country.

These are some popular private jet routes to Las Vegas

  • Columbus
  • Los Angeles
  • Monterey
  • Phoenix
  • Reno
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle

These are some popular private jet routes that depart from Las Vegas:

  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Phoenix
  • San Francisco
  • South Florida

You can also check out other private aviation routes on our website.

Popular Jet Aircrafts

When it comes to a private jet, nothing compares to traveling in style. There are many different private jet options, so make sure to check out the right alternative for you. Whatever your choice is, pick a private jet that is comfortable to party in. After all, the party begins the moment you step into your private jet charter. These are some of the best private jets to consider.

If you are looking for a specific private jet, make sure to contact our team. We’d be glad to help you find the right private jet for your trip to Las Vegas.

Price Chart

You are probably wondering how much does it cost to book a private jet to Vegas. If that’s the case, don’t worry! At Vincent Jets, we make sure to offer you the best private jet prices. That way, the flight cost is never a problem.

In case you decide to travel from LA, keep in mind that flights to Las Vegas depend highly on the private jet charter you choose. Some flights to Las Vegas are less costly when using live market pricing with Vincent Jets. If you are looking to save some money on charter flights, make sure to ask for empty legs private jet flights.

Book Your Private Jet to Vegas Today

At Vincent Jets, we are committed to your complete satisfaction. That is why we are always willing to help you book the right private jet charter to Las Vegas. With us, you don’t have to worry about the flight cost. When it comes to charter flights, we have many different options. 

Find the right private jet for you and browse our empty legs flights today! 

Private Jet vs. First Class – How the Two Compare

Private Jet vs. First Class

Private Jet vs. First Class

If you are a frequent first-class flyer, then a private jet charter is something you’ve already contemplated.  A private jet offers more perks and benefits than a first-class flight, but flying private isn’t for everyone. For many, a first-class seat is just fine. For others, a private jet isn’t just the right choice; it is the only choice.

We understand that everyone is different and that everyone’s opinion is subjective so we will discuss the pros and cons of flying private and flying first class and explain when a private jet should really be considered. When weighing the different factors between first class and a private jet, consider that certain variables are more important than others. Some aspects seem important at a first glance, but they can end up being just a matter of perception rather than an actual key decision variable. 

For example, for most people, a first-class ticket holds a certain mystique that a private jet doesn’t; after all, everyone likes to be seen seated in first class. Whereas a private jet is just that, private, so unless you shamelessly flaunt on social media, only your fellow private jet passengers will see your private jet. Now let’s consider a more vital decision factor, the number of hours it will take you to reach your destination. 

A private flight can really make a difference when it comes to maximizing your benefits, especially if you travel a lot. If you are wondering what your best option between a private jet vs first class is, check out our comparison below.

Choosing Between a Private Jet Charter and First Class

In general, most people do just fine with a first-class ticket. (The word fine being used very conservatively here, by the way.)  However, if you are seriously looking for a private jet, you might just be the type of person who could benefit the most from one. The question is, do you really need a private jet? To answer that, you need to be really honest about what your needs are.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are considering a private charter:

  • Can you easily afford a private flight?
  • Would a first-class seat be better for your budget?
  • Would the amount of time saved on a private jet compensate for the additional costs?
  • Is first class more convenient based on your particular needs?
  • Are you traveling alone or with a group?

In order to answer these questions, you first need to understand the unique characteristics of a private jet vs a first-class flight. As mentioned before, some of the key differences between a private jet charter and a first-class seat hold more weight for some than others. 

First-class has some unique benefits when compared to a private jet charter, but it all comes down to a few key aspects that differentiate private jet flights from the traditional commercial airlines.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of each:

The Private Jet Experience

When compared to first-class options, a private jet offers a more personalized experience. Although first-class offers great service, it falls short in relation to the attention and comfort that a private jet experience offers. A private flight can easily be customized to your particular needs and wants. First-class, on the other hand, (although a good option) is still a standardized option.

This usually comes down to the fact that commercial airlines have a different business model that they follow, which is distinctly different from that of a private charter. Regular flights tend to operate in terms of volume, whereas flying private is more exclusive, and thus operates under a different business logic. 

Aside from a more personalized touch, private jet clients tend to make their decisions based on their income as well as the number of flight hours they have for a given year. In terms of your income, if you are not sure whether you qualify or not, the best is to contact a reliable private jet plane operator. They can easily give you this information and much more.

When it comes to the flight hours, consider how much time you could save by traveling on a private jet

Is the time-saving benefit of flying private greater than the cost of spending more time up in the air in first class? In this sense, consider that first class is the same as business class. You might be paying more, but you’ll end up spending the same time flying. Flying private will always save you time, especially during long flights. 

Another key distinction is the flexibility offered with a private jet.  A private jet charter offers more flexibility that fits around your schedule and the ability to land at the smaller, more regional airports. Commercial airlines fly mostly to larger airports and hubs, adding more traveling time to your already long day.

The First Class Experience

The First Class Experience


Flying first class is usually cheaper than flying private, but take into account that this isn’t always the case. When you end up adding the cost and the time spent getting to and from the airport and security checkpoints, it probably makes more sense to use a private jet. It all depends on how much your time costs.

Although it isn’t always the case, first-class flights tend to be more affordable when traveling overseas, so take that under consideration as well. Also, consider that a first-class flight can help you add frequent flyer miles and access VIP rooms in airports. Lastly, do not forget that first class is a great way to come into contact with other people who also travel in first class. It could help build your network or find a new travel buddy.

A common misconception about the cost of a first-class ticket is that it is always cheaper than a private jet. This might be true if you travel alone, but when it comes to group trips, it is sometimes, surprisingly, cheaper to use a private jet. This calculation needs to be done on an individual basis for each different flight and to consider the number of people in the group versus the costs of each individual first-class ticket. So, in conclusion, don’t just assume that flying first class will be cheaper than a private jet when it comes to a group. The first-class flight to Las Vegas might run each person $1,500 while a private charter for the same flight is $5,000 -so if there are more than 3 people in the group, a private jet is the better option.

Main Differences/Takeaways

Flying private offers many benefits, from saving time between flights to a higher level of personalization and comfort of your travel experience. Additionally, it can even help you (and your friends) save money when traveling in groups. Nonetheless, make sure to do the right calculations and weigh each factor to see if a private jet charter is right for you. 

When it comes to choosing between a private jet vs first class, an expert can help you make the right choice. Contact us at Vincent Jets and let us help you choose the best option based on your needs. Book your next private flight with Vincent Jets.

Jet Safety – How Safe are Private Jets?

Jet Safety

Jet safety is one of the most common concerns that passengers have. Like in regular commercial flights, private aviation is expected to operate under strict safety standards that guarantee a seamless flight experience. Safety, after all, is the main concern for any aviation company regardless of the type of aircraft.

When it comes to private flights, security should always be a top priority. Any aircraft, including private jet planes, should receive scheduled maintenance procedures. Additionally, flight crews and pilots are expected to receive constant training on the latest safety standards

Aircraft safety standards are crucial to guarantee the industry functions properly. This applies to both commercial and private aviation. If you are wondering about jet safety, you can rest assured that your next flight will be very safe if you book with the right company.

About Flight Safety Standards

More often than not, our fears about flying are unfounded. Just in case you are not familiar with some well-known mobility statistics related to safety, keep in mind that traveling by plane is very secure. It is more likely to drown or be in a car accident than in a plane crash. In other words, planes are one of the safest ways to travel. This includes jets, so when it comes to jet safety, you can be confident that you will be safe. 

Although many people don’t know it, it is more likely to be in a car accident. In fact, the number of people who die in car crashes far exceeds those who die in plane accidents. Aviation safety standards are very strict, thanks in part to existing regulations. 

Air travel regulations help ensure that a number of safety-related aspects are taken care of. These include the number of hours a pilot may fly in a day, or the periodic maintenance operations an aircraft needs, just to mention a few. Regarding the first factor, it is important to obey this limit, as exceeding it may compromise safety standards. After all, crew members are also human and they need to rest. In terms of maintenance, it is important to make sure that an aircraft is always in proper condition.

Additionally, regulations aside, private aviation companies make sure that every aspect of their business is taken care of when it comes to safety. A safety-first mentality goes well beyond actually making a flight secure. It is also important that passengers feel safe.

Safety First: Pilot and Crew Training

When it comes to aircraft operations, private aviation companies make sure that their pilots and crew members are well versed in terms of safety protocols. Proactivity is essential to guarantee aircraft safety. Regular training of aircraft personnel might seem like something minor, but it can be crucial in terms of guaranteeing flight safety.

A common practice, especially depending on the flight conditions, is having a copilot. This may vary depending on the distance of the ride, as well as whether it takes place during day or night, and also on the weather conditions. 

A safety-first copilot policy helps ensure that the captain does not make a judgment error that may compromise the flight. Even experienced professionals with many flight hours can make mistakes, so it is not too crazy to have a co-pilot on board.

Ensuring aviation safety requires professionals who understand that having a safety-first mentality is the only way to guarantee the highest security standards. However, this way of thinking also needs to be communicated to passengers. When the crew is able to communicate clearly and effectively with passengers, safety is guaranteed.

One of the best things about traveling in a private jet is that passengers have a lot of freedom and privacy. The best private aviation companies are able to maintain these benefits while at the same time guaranteeing passengers’ safety.

Flying During Covid-19

Although there are many concerns when it comes to flying and the risk of Covid-19, studies have shown that there is no reason to be concerned about it. Being in an aircraft is safe, as the air inside is recycled every so often, helping reduce the risk of potential Covid particles in the air. Additionally, a private jet, because of the reduced number of passengers, seems less likely to be riskier than a traditional commercial flight.

However, to reduce safety risks, even more, it is important to find a trusted company that makes sure the crew follows the right protocols. Only through safe operations can the risk be reduced even more. 

Private vs Commercial Flying Safety – How They Compare

When it comes to the difference in terms of safety between private and commercial planes, passengers can rest assured with both alternatives. Both display a high level of commitment to safety, but, statistically speaking, it is more likely for private flights to present an accident. However, this is no reason for concern. 

Ultimately, the safety of each flight depends on each individual private aviation company and how they run their operations. A poorly run commercial flight can be riskier if the crew does not make sure that safety protocols are met or if the right maintenance is not performed. That is why the best thing you can do is book your next trip with a reliable and trusted private aviation company. Aviation safety is no game, so find someone you can trust, like Vincent Jets.

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What does empty legs mean?

What does empty legs mean?

If you are wondering what empty legs mean, keep reading to find out!  Flying private is on everyone’s bucket list, and for good reason. Aside from the luxuries of having a plane to yourself, flying private comes with an unparalleled level of convenience. You can fly on your own schedule, there aren’t any security lines or boarding groups that you have to wait on and you’re only flying with people you know.

If you’ve ever found yourself searching for the cheapest ways to indulge in the private jet experience, you’ve likely come across the terms “empty leg” or “must-move”. Empty leg flights are a great way to score highly discounted private jet charters. But they do come with a few caveats. Your travel plans need to be flexible and there are some important details you need to be aware of.

What is an empty leg?

As the term suggests, empty legs are flights that are scheduled to fly without any passengers abroad. These flights take place when an aircraft needs to reposition or to return for a charter. They are sometimes also referred to as “dead-heads”, “repositioning legs,” and “ferry flights.”

Empty leg flights can be as cheap as 75% of the standard charter price. Some private jet membership programs and email subscriptions offer members highly discounted or even complimentary access to these empty leg flights as they become available. Given how costly they are to operate, charter companies try to avoid having to fly empty leg flights in the first place. As a result, they only make them available the week of the flight or even the last minute. The routes are also limited and there isn’t a way of being able to predict their availability. This is why having a broker on call is a great way to help you find these great flights.

How the empty leg experience differs

Empty leg flights are similar to conventional charters in that you will still be able to arrive just minutes before your flight. However, empty legs have stricter schedules to follow, so there’s less flexibility with delaying a flight if you happen to be running late. Additionally, unless you’re booking by the seat, you’ll still get the entire jet to yourself on an empty leg. Also, unless specifically arranged, empty legs typically come with either no catering or a limited basic catering option. This generally includes light prepackaged snacks,  basic soft drinks, and basic alcoholic beverages. Like regular charters, most empty leg deals will list the type and model of aircraft.

How to book an empty leg flight

While not all charter companies market them, most offer empty leg specials. Additionally, there are brokers that advertise other operators’ empty legs, essentially acting as a middleman.

You can browse empty leg specials and must move flights online through companies like Vincent Jets.

As previously mentioned, empty legs are typically posted at the last minute and the routes are pretty random. However, with the recent surge of charters due to COVID-19, there’s been an increase in deals available, especially on popular routes like New York to South Florida.

Empty leg flight prices

Empty leg pricing varies by route, aircraft, and dates. To give you a rough idea of their cost, they are typically priced about 50%-75% lower than the standard charter costs. Take, for instance, a flight from New York to South Florida. A mid-size jet charter can run you upwards of $20,000 one-way. However, you can often find empty leg flights on this route for $9,000 to $12,000.00.

 Empty leg specials typically reflect the all-in rate, including fuel, landing fees, and other surcharges. Since you’re typically booking the entire jet, you are free to fill up all the seats and can bring your furry friends at no additional cost. The savings really add up if you’re traveling as a family. 

The $8,920 empty leg between New York and Florida as shown above would come out to only $1,115 per person if you fill all eight seats.

The empty leg between San Diego and Chicago would be about $1,000 per person and the empty leg between Cannes and Toulouse would be under 80 EUR per person.

 If you are going on vacation, visiting friends or family, or flying for a meeting with lots of cushion time beforehand, empty leg pricing allows you to fly private in comfort and luxury, at prices that are usually less than a first-class commercial plane ticket. 

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Why do Small Personal Jets Always have Engines at the Tail End

Why do small personal jets always have engines at the tail end? 

Small private jets don’t always have engines at the back, but there are a number of benefits to this design.

Crash Safety: If you have to land abruptly, (especially in the water) having engine pods under the wings makes the crash much more dangerous. If your gear won’t go down, with no engine pods under the wings you have a fairly flat surface that is much more forgiving even when crash landing on a runway.

Design Simplicity: Getting the engines off the wings means there is more room in the wings for flight surfaces and controls. The wings also don’t have to have the additional support structure needed to support the weight of the engines, and the wings can thus hold more fuel.

Noise: By putting the engines at the back of the aircraft, a lot of the engine noise is eliminated. As a private jet isn’t jammed with 400 passengers and the occupants are likely to want to work, quiet is good.

Appearance: This one is personal preference I suppose, but on smaller jets, the engines in the back just look cooler. There is also some effort here from manufacturers trying to mimic popular designs.

Thrust Control: Engines close together at the rear means that if you lose an engine, you don’t have to fight the force of having a lot of thrust on one side and none on the other. Losing an engine is bad enough without making the aircraft unstable as well.

Turbine Failure: When a turbine engine breaks up, it often sends pieces flying into the airframe at high speeds. While having engine parts fly into the tail section isn’t ideal, it still beats having the debris hit the passengers, fuel tanks, or even the pilots.

Fire: If your engine is on fire at the rear of the plane, at least it isn’t on fire right below the main fuel tanks.

Convenience: By having the engines high up, you don’t need to have tall landing gear and thus there is no need for a huge staircase to get on and off the aircraft. People who can afford private jets like convenience.

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