Winter Wonderland Vacations


There are two types of travelers during the winter season. Those who embrace the cold and all the outdoor activities that come with it. And those who prefer a cup of hot chocolate and fine dining to escape the freezing temperatures. If you are looking for the ultimate winter wonderland guideline, then you’ve come to the right place. We collected a few options across the United States that are sure to get your holiday spirit back on track. So let’s jump right in!



Burgdorf Hot Springs, Idaho

Warm-up with this winter getaway for the holiday season. Not only do you get to soak in mineral-rich waters, but you also get to see stunning scenery. The property features rustic cabins, perfect for creating that winter wonderland vibe. It’s open every day, so you get to soak even on Christmas day. There are also Idaho horse-drawn sleigh rides. You can snuggle up with a partner and get enchanted by the wilderness. You can find some horseback riding nearby.


The Rocky Mountains During the Snow Season

There are a ton of things to do in these mountains even in winter. There are many festivals and winter sports you shouldn’t miss out on. Here you can try:

  • Sledding – This is what you call a sledding paradise. With kids sliding up and down the old bunny hill in the ski resort. For snow tubing, try Squaw creek instead.
  • Wildlife observing – The great outdoors is mindblowing. This is the season where you can spot an elk or a big moose picking their way through the thick snow.
  • Cross country skiing – When you leave your cozy cabin, you can rent skis at Estes Park and Grand Lake. The groomed trails make for perfect downhill skiing or alpine skiing. While the ski slopes can give you that thrill you are looking for in cross country skis. If you want to enjoy the vast slopes well off the beaten track, then heli-skiing is the way to go.
  • Exploring the park’s trails – If you enjoy the solitude of the cold wintery days, then snowshoeing across the park’s trails may be your cup of tea. Snowshoeing makes for a solid low-impact aerobic exercise. Famous spectacular vistas for snowshoeing include the Bear Lake Loop, Cup Lake, and Mills Lake. But, make sure the terrain is safe before starting your winter activities.
  • Ice climbing – Although not for the faint of heart, these mountains are among the most wanted destinations for ice climbers. The thrill of climbing frozen waterfalls can really create a once-in-a-lifetime memory.


Winter Wonderland Vacations


Montage Deer Valley in Park City, Utah

Utah is famous for its long periods of snowfall, short daylight, and freezing temperatures. It is one of those winter wonderland spots that should be on the top of your list. One such location in the area is this elevated alpine escape. This place offers an elegant, yet distinctive getaway, which makes for a perfect destination.

You get access to America’s primer ski resorts and luxurious accommodations. The fresh powder snow teams up with the stunning Wasatch Mountain terrain, making it a place to remember. You can also find some dog sled rides nearby. There are customized dog sledding tours for families and adults in the area.

Whitefish Mountain Resort in Big Mountain, Northwest Montana

Situated in the western region of Glacier National Park, just 4 miles from Whitefish, this resort offers fun for every season. Including more than 3,000 acres of backcountry skiing nearby. They also have a hot tub and indoor pool if you are looking to let off some steam.

In Northwest Montana, you can also find a couple of fun activities that are super easy to afford. Like playing hockey or ice skating. You can ice skate on the pond at Woodland Park. Other than ice skating, on your visit to Kalispell, you can attend the rodeo and explore the area and the charming old town Whitefish. Sleigh rides are also an option across the picturesque town. After all, sleigh riding is pretty popular.

Wintery Hiking at Grandfather Mountain

There is no better icy exploration than walking through a national park in the middle of winter. Packed with both advanced and easy routes, you can rest assured knowing you’ve planned a solid adventure. The unmatched ecological diversity and beautiful landscape can truly bring out that wintery spirit.

New York for the Best Winter Break

Visiting New York City in the snowy season makes for the perfect winter vacation. It’s not the North Pole, but, it is like stepping onto a real-life set of a Christmas movie. The lavish lights, the smell of roasting chestnuts, and carriage ride through Central Park are surely a sight to remember. There is live music everywhere. Particularly on Christmas Eve. Don’t forget to check out the Rockefeller Center Tree for the annual tree lighting ceremony before you head back to your hotel lobby. All those twinkle lights and sparkly decorations make for a fine holiday light show.

Wrap Up

As among the most geographically and culturally diverse country on the globe, the United States is full of a variety of snowy getaways for everyone’s taste. Whether you like to see a charming town, ice skating rinks, or a good old mountain house, this region has it all. You can even spend some of your free time doing Christmas cookie decorating. Of course, you can’t see everything in one day. So, you might want to leave some time to properly explore the places you select. Call the Vincent Jets team any time, any day, to discuss destination options and customize your perfect flight. Every day is fly day!