Flying with Babies by Private Jet

Whether you are flying privately or commercially, flying with babies by private jet should be one of your top priorities. However, one needs to be super careful when flying with babies. Babies are very delicate and sensitive, which is why extra care needs to be applied when flying with them.

Flying with babies is one of the worst nightmares of many parents. Nevertheless, flying with babies in private jets helps to take away that nightmare. The experience is splendid, and it would make the journey look like a dream.

You do not have to join the queue with your kids. You do not have to worry about other passengers when crabbiness strikes. You will have more than enough space and room to have a good time with your baby while flying. You can take a nap, get custom-made meals for you and your baby, play games, and literally feel at home while flying.

What You Need to Know When Flying Private Jet with Your Baby

Consult Your Doctor for Medical Advice

The first thing every nursing mother flying private jets with their children should do is to consult a medical professional. It is normal and safe for you to travel with your baby via a private jet. It provides great comfort, and you would be off the air much faster than when you fly commercially. Nevertheless, before you make your flight arrangements, you should speak to your medical doctor about it. Your doctor will provide you with some helpful medical advice when flying with your baby.

It Is Super Comfortable and Convenient

There is no better, more comfortable, and more convenient way of traveling with a baby than with a private jet. Flying a private jet with your baby will not only make you comfortable but your baby as well. It brings world-class convenience and comfort. A private jet ensures safe and convenient travel for nursing mothers and their babies or toddlers.

If the child is below the age of two, you can carry them on your lap. There is also a seat dedicated to babies, to hold them safely and comfortably while you fly. The convenience of our private jet charter services also extends to your meals. If you want, there would be a caterer onboard to provide you with custom-made meals. You can also give the caterer specific instructions on how to make your baby’s food.

There are also refrigerators and kitchens at the terminals that you can use to store your food upon arrival at the terminal. Your preferential treatment does not start in the private jet; it starts right from your booking process. If you or your baby are on any medication, you can travel along with it, provided the medication is permitted by the law. If you have any special needs or requests, you can inform us before your flight, as we are here to help you fly safely and comfortably.

Prevent Long Queues and Protect Your Baby from Covid

Traveling in a private jet is not only comfortable but also safe. You would be able to avoid long queues at the airport, which is not only time-consuming but also dangerous to the health of your baby. This is one of the major benefits of traveling with your baby by private jet.

Your Baby Needs a Passport

If you want to travel by flight with your baby, you would need to provide a valid passport for you and your baby. Also, you want to make sure you have all the necessary documents and paperwork for the country you want to visit. You should make sure that all the documents and paperwork required by immigration services, customs, and the police are in place.

Book/Charter a Private Jet in Advance

Many nursing mothers usually have additional considerations when traveling by private jets such as bedtime and nap-time. As such, you need to give us some time to find the perfect jet that will serve your needs and that of your baby. Booking on time will help us prepare for your journey more efficiently.

Of course, one of the major benefits of flying on a private jet is that you can secure a flight on very short notice – as little as four hours, for very urgent travels.

Flying with Babies by Private Jet

Is There a Dedicated Seat for My Baby on a Private Jet?

According to aviation regulations, babies below the age of two can travel on the lap of their parents. They will require their own seat when they are over two years old. However, when traveling with your baby, you can go along with their car seat. You can strap the car seat in a rear-facing seat, adhering to the same safety rules as with traveling by car. There is no dedicated seat for babies below the age of two in private jets, but you can either carry your baby on your lap or use a car seat (strapped to a chair).

When Is It Safe to Travel on a Private Jet with a Newborn Baby?

You can fly on a private jet with your newborn baby whenever you are ready. Provided your baby’s valid passport is ready and you have made arrangements for your private jet, there is no specific rule stopping you. However, you should consult your doctor before traveling.

Some doctors recommend that you wait until the immune system of your baby is better developed. This can take up to four weeks, but many doctors recommend at least three months before traveling with a newborn baby by plane.

Can I Come On Board a Private Jet with My Baby’s Food and Milk?

When traveling on a private jet with your baby, you can come along with their food and milk. We can also arrange for this if you want. On arriving at the private jet terminal (FBO), you can hand your baby food and milk over to the staff to take it onboard for you. If you want, a caterer can also make special baby food for your baby based on your instructions when flying with babies by private jet.