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How Do I Book a Private Jet?

how do i book a private jet-

If you’re looking to book a private jet, there are a few things you’ll need to take into consideration. First, you’ll need to determine what type of aircraft you need and what your budget is. You’ll also need to consider the destination and length of your trip to make sure the jet is properly equipped. Keep reading for more tips on booking a private jet!

Research the different companies that offer private jet services

Investigating the various companies that provide private jet services can seem like an intimidating task. However, with a bit of knowledge, it can be easy to find the right fit. Not all private jet services are equal; each offers something different in terms of experience, amenities, and pricing. It’s important to look into a company’s reputation, customer reviews, and pilots’ experience levels before deciding on one for your next flight. Additionally, researching the luxuries offered aboard certain planes and comparing prices can help ensure you get the most out of your trip in terms of safety, comfort, and cost. Finding the perfect private jet service doesn’t have to be a hassle; with some thoughtful research, you’ll have no problem locating the perfect fit for your next journey!

Find a company that has a good reputation and offers competitive rates

Finding a company you can trust is an important part of choosing the right services. It’s essential to compare reputable companies and look at elements such as customer service, industry reviews, past performance, and competitive rates. With an understanding of the industry, you can be confident in making an informed decision and have peace of mind that your investment is safe. Use online resources to compare providers and read feedback from past customers – it’s often surprising how much information is available online. Finding a provider with good credentials and a competitive rate will ensure that your money is going towards quality services you can count on.

Schedule a consultation with the company to discuss your needs

Setting up an appointment with a company to discuss your needs is an important step in finding the perfect solution for you. A consultation will allow you to get all of the key information you need to make informed decisions about the product or service the company provides. Experienced professionals can answer any questions that you may have and provide additional advice on how to move forward. Taking the time to seek out expert advice from such a knowledgeable team is often essential when making big decisions, so schedule a consultation today and get started on discovering the perfect solution for your needs.

Choose the type of jet that you want to book

When selecting the type of jet to book, it is important to consider the type of travel experience desired. Some jets are designed strictly for private luxury, offering amenities such as onboard chefs, sleeping quarters, and conference rooms. Others focus more on travel speed and efficiency, such as business class or supersonic jets, ideal for a quick turnaround between business meetings. Consider what type of journey will be taken and the necessary time frame before choosing a jet; this will help when researching whether it’s best to fly with a simple commercial flight or to charter one. Additionally, it’s recommended to look into packages offered by trusted aircraft companies that include additional services such as advanced booking options and sedan pick-up services. Choosing the right jet can make any destination an enjoyable and memorable experience!

Make sure to book your flight in advance to get the best rate possible

Planning a trip can be an exciting endeavor, but there is no denying that it often comes with a hefty price tag. One of the best ways to make sure you get the most out of your budget is by booking your flight as far in advance as possible. While waiting too long may lead to higher costs, booking months before takeoff has its own set of benefits. Not only will you have access to an array of dates and times that best suit your schedule, but many airline websites offer discounts the earlier you book – granting you access to some of the lowest prices available! With careful planning and timing, you can save significantly on your next adventure and enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

Booking a private jet doesn’t have to be a headache. By doing your research, you can easily find a reputable company that offers competitive rates. Once you’ve found the right fit, schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and select the type of jet that best suits your travel plans. To get the best rate possible, make sure to book your flight in advance!

Booking a private flight with Vincent Jets is easy, get in touch now!


Best Private Jets – Ultimate Guide 2023

Best Private Jets

When it comes to the best private jets, the sky is the limit. There is an increased demand for long-range private jets, not only in terms of rentals but also as an investment. This is a no-brainer. For anyone with the resources available, a private jet is a great alternative to reduce the time spent flying, plus the additional perks like privacy and comfort.

This is not only the case for business jets. Luxury private planes are also seeing increased interest. They offer many benefits when compared to traditional commercial flights. As a result, it is common to find people looking up what are the best private jets

If you are one of the many looking up the best private jets, you’ve landed in the right place. This is our list of some of the best jets in the world

Most Popular Private Jets

People interested in buying or renting private jets are usually looking for long-range jets. One thing that most people don’t know is that, when it comes to jets, the distance they can travel matters a lot. Typically, private jets tend to have a limited flight range. The reason for this is that they have to stop to refuel every now and then. However, this is constantly changing as technology improves. 

Contrary to traditional commercial flights, long-range jets focus on having smaller aircraft. A reduced-size allows them to travel more miles per hour. Another alternative to achieve this last is to use larger gas tanks. More fuel means longer flights. The result of smaller aircraft sizes and larger fuel tanks, aside from a greater speed and longer flight times, is that jets can travel long-range distances.  

Combining different technologies, long-range jets reduce the number of times they have to stop to refuel. Once a problem, refueling is no longer something that restricts aerial mobility using jets. That is why many business executives are looking to business jets as alternatives to reduce their time spent flying. 

The Distance a Jet Can Fly

The distances traveled by private jets are usually measured in nautical miles. Using nautical miles is a common practice for space, marine, and air navigation. A conventional jet can cover more nautical miles than a commercial plane, that is why they are a great alternative for anyone looking for speed and spending less time up in the air.

There is a wide range of distances that private jets can fly. Ultimately, this depends on a number of factors. The most relevant, already mentioned, being aircraft size and fuel capacity. Typically, a small jet can fly around 1,000 to 1,500 miles, the equivalent of 4 to 5 hours of flight. The largest jet plane models can travel up to 4,000 miles. This rounds up to approximately 7 hours of flight. 

Top 7 Private Jets

When it comes to long-range jets, there are many alternatives. Some are faster or more efficient than others. Because traveling by jet is not cheap, many private jets focus on comfort and luxury. 

Whether you are looking for speed or luxury, here is a list of the best private jets in 2021:

Cessna Citation Longitude

The Cessna Citation brand is recognized worldwide. The Longitude’s predecessor, the Cessna Citation Latitude, is a favorite among jet lovers. The Cessna Citation Longitude, announced in 2012, performed its first flight in 2016. It received its certification recently, in 2019. It is well known for its spacious cabin, low operational costs, and its top-notch entertainment technology. Yes, it has Internet service onboard. 

Bombardier Global 7500

This Bombardier Global jet is famous for being able to fly 7700 nautical miles without having to refuel. However, the Bombardier Global 7500 is not only the world’s largest private jet. It is also the one with the best record of long-range nautical miles traveled. With its ultra-long-range, passengers can easily travel between some of the world’s most important cities. 

Bombardier Global 6000

Also part of the Bombardier Global family, the Bombardier Global 6000 has a smooth interior design thought especially for comfort. Features like its seats, cabin and clean air stand out. Like the Bombardier Global 7500, the Bombardier Global 6000 is also designed for a magnificent entertainment experience.

Dassault Falcon 8X

The Dassault Falcon 8X belongs to Dassault’s business line of private jets; the company is famous for its military and commercial aircraft models. The Falcon 8X is known for its ultra-long range which can cover more than 5,400 nautical miles. However, ultra-long-range capabilities aside, the Dassault Falcon 8X is also a versatile jet that can easily be configured to prioritize different arrangements of seats. 

Embraer Phenom 300E

The Embraer Phenom is the signature aircraft of the Brazilian aviation giant. It is on the list of the best private jets because it was the bestselling light jet for business purposes in 2017. Its most important quality, aside from its refined interior, is its pressurization technology which delivers great comfort to its passengers

Gulfstream G650ER

The Gulfstream G650ER was made for long-haul flights. It can easily go from New York to Tokyo, make it back to New York, and then go to Paris, Moscow, and Las Vegas. So if you are a business executive that needs to cover many nautical miles, don’t hesitate about this plane’s capabilities. 

Boeing BBJ MAX 7

The Max 7 is an ultra-long-range alternative that will have you traveling many nautical miles without any inconvenience. It is very spacious, and this allows its interior to be configured in many different ways. Since it was first delivered in 2019, buyers have shown great interest in it.

Final Thoughts on the Best Private Jets

When it comes to the best private jets, there are many different options to consider. These are just some of the ones we consider to be at the top of the list, but there are others.

Want to buy or rent a private jet? Take the time to think about what you need. You may prioritize long-haul flights that cover many nautical miles, or instead, choose comfort. 

Not sure what your best alternative is? Book your next flight with Vincent Jets.

The Best of Ferrari 2023: FALLing in Love with Ferrari

The best of Ferrari 2021 has us falling in love with Ferrari. The Ferrari lineup gets more diverse with each passing year, but one thing the latest Ferrari models have in common with their predecessors is an incredible performance. When you choose to drive a Ferrari, you choose a high performance, luxury, and class.

The new Ferrari models come from a long line of excellence, but they are not afraid to step into the future with modern technology such as hybrid engines. The world might be changing, but you can still count on an incredible driving experience and high speeds when you drive a Ferrari.

The New Ferrari Models

The Best of Ferrari 2021: FALLing in Love with Ferrari

The 2021 Ferrari lineup is out of this world. There are so many exciting cars to discuss, but we’re going to set our sights on the following models:

  • Roma
  • Portofino M
  • 296 GTB
  • F8 Tributo
  • SF90 Stradale

The latest lineup might offer some of the best Ferraris the world has ever seen. Let’s take a closer look at these cars. Keep reading to get the details and insights you need on the latest Ferraris.


Thea Ferrari Roma is grand tourer and features two rear seats, but don’t think the extra seats affect the speed. The Roma’s 3.8L twin-turbocharged V8 engine boasts 612 horsepower and 560lbs of torque. Since the Ferrari Roma is a grand tourer model, it also comes equipped with adaptive cruise control and other advanced safety features for long drives.

The interior of this car is also pure class and luxury. The Roma is decked in leather and features a touchscreen that is nearly 10 inches big. This compliments the 16 inches fully digital display cluster behind the wheel.

Portofino M

The Ferrari Portofino M is technically an entry-level car in the Ferrari lineup, but with a price tag over 200,000 dollars, an infotainment touchscreen over 10 inches big, a complete leather interior, and a 591 horsepower engine, the Portofino M is anything but entry-level.

This car can go zero to sixty in under four seconds and has a retractable hardtop. This Ferrari model is not only comfortable, but it is also high-performing. The Portofino M is everything that a Ferrari should be, beautiful, powerful, and luxurious.

296 GTB

The 296 GTB helps redefine the future of the Ferrari car with a 120 degree V6 engine that is paired with a plug-in electric motor that delivers a whopping 830 cv. The output of the 296 GTB’s electric motor is as high as it possibly can be.

This model is the very first Ferrari road car ever fitted with a 120 degree V6 turbo engine. Thanks to the structure of its engine, the turbochargers can sit within the car’s “Vees.” This makes the 296 GTB more compact, lowers its center of gravity, reduces its mass, and ultimately helps it achieve high power levels.

F8 Tributo 

The F8 Tributo is a mid-engined V8 supercar that is the replacement of the 488 GTB. The F8 builds on many of the features of the 488, such as the S-Duct, spoiler, rear diffuser, and powertrain, and harkens back to classic Ferrari tail-lights and louvered rear window from the classic F40 model.

The aerodynamics of this supercar is incredible. It has 15 percent more downforce than its predecessor, the 488. The price tag on this Ferrari starts at over 275,000 dollars, but the high speeds achieved by the Tributo’s 710 horsepower 3.9L twin-turbo V8 engine are well worth it.

SF90 Stradale

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale is the very first plug-in hybrid hypercar, and it is helping push the electric revolution that is taking place in the high-performance automobile world. The Stradale is built on a platform primarily based on aluminum and carbon fiber, which means it weighs less than 3,500 lbs. The weight and sleek design of the SF90 help contribute to its incredible speeds.

This model leaves little doubt about the possible speeds achievable by plug-in hybrid powertrains. The SF90 can go from 0 to 60 in less than three seconds. Its 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 mill is paired with a 7.9 kWh lithium-ion battery and three electric motors. You read that right three motors.

All of this combines to create 986 horsepower for the SF90. This might be a plug-in hybrid hypercar, but the top speeds it achieves leave little doubt about its place among the best Ferrari models.

Ferrari Dealership in New Jersey

Are you looking to get your fix of high-performance prancing horses and fine Italian craftmanship in the Garden State? At Vincent Jets, we are proud to partner with the only official Ferrari dealership in the entire state of New Jersey. The dealership also has a fully licensed Ferrari service center, and they were recognized as a Dealer of Excellence by J.D. Power and Associates. For all things, Ferrari, visit our friends at Ferrari of Central New Jersey! They are conveniently located in Edison, NJ at 816 Route 1 North.

This is the best of Ferrari 2021 and we are just falling in love with them.


Escape the winter in Costa Rica…

Soak up the culture in Rome…

Sleep, party & repeat in Quebec City…

Take a city break in the Virgin Islands…

Ski the mountains of Whistler…

Here are your top Vincent Jets Winter 2020 Destinations


Holiday spirit or ski-Lucerne, Switzerland, has you covered. The city’s snow-covered streets, festive lights, and multiple Christmas markets make it especially charming in winter. You can easily access a variety of ski resorts that surround the city to shred powder. When you need to warm up, unwind at one of Lucerne’s numerous spas.

Turks & Caicos

Impeccable weather (daytime temperatures hover in the 70s and 80s) makes this trip worthwhile. Visitors can relax on the islands’ world-class beaches, snorkel around breathtaking reefs and tee off at the Provo Golf Club’s highly regarded links. *For smaller crowds, visit after New Year’s Day.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia’s favorable weather beckons travelers to set on escaping the snow and freezing temperatures… After a day in the sun, sip some of the island’s cocoa tea (made with local cocoa, spices, and milk) which is not your typical hot chocolate!

Costa Rica

The favorable dry weather means activities like hiking, riding horses, mountain biking, and zip-lining through the rainforest are all on the table. And if you visit in January, you’ll find the tiny country basking in la Pura Vida while reveling in its two-week-long Palmares Fiestas. Whichever winter month you choose to arrive, remember to save time for lounging on some of Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches.

Rio De Janeiro

You’ll enjoy warm weather in the 80s while lounging on the seaside city’s famous sands. After a couple of days of swimming and sunbathing, trek through Tijuca National Park’s nearly 8,000 acres of tropical rainforest. Additionally, you can still catch a fútbol match in early December.


Budget-conscious travelers should consider vacationing on this island off the northern coast of Venezuela. White sand beaches and turquoise waters like other Caribbean islands, plus accommodations cost less than what you’d pay for more popular spots. You may also find numerous bars, restaurants, and casinos around the island to fill your evenings with excitement.


Travelers who don’t mind donning cold-weather attire to see iconic attractions should consider visiting the Eternal City during winter. Average highs in the 50s keep many of Rome’s notorious summer crowds at bay, plus visitors can warm up inside one of the city’s museums or with a cappuccino or a plate of fresh pasta and wine.

Quebec City

This Canadian city’s charms make bundling up worthwhile. Old Québec’s historical buildings are decked out in Christmas decor throughout December, making an evening stroll through the neighborhood feel magical. Plus, fun celebrations like the Carnaval de Québec and the Mois Multi art festival are on the city’s events calendar every February.

Lake Tahoe

While winters in Lake Tahoe bring plenty of snow, and this picturesque lake on the California-Nevada border is a superb destination for powder hounds. You’ll have several ski spots to choose from, including Squaw Valley, Heavenly, and Northstar California ski resorts. When you need to warm up, test Lady Luck at a local casino or cozy up by a fire at one of the area’s lodges.

U.S. Virgin Islands

To soak up plenty of sunshine this winter, vacation in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Also, consider accessing the islands via an eastern Caribbean cruise if you want to avoid spending a lot of money on accommodations.


Winter sports enthusiasts flock to this Canadian locale in British Columbia to zip down the world-renowned slopes at Whistler Black comb. But Whistler boasts ample activities for non-skiers, too. Travelers can go bobsledding at the Whistler Sliding Centre, sign up for a snowshoe tour or simply take advantage of the top-notch après-ski scene.


To book your next Winter Vacation, call or email Vincent Jets for more info.

Best Golf Courses 2023

Golf courses

Are you ready for the golf-travel life as you plan for an adventurous year ahead? The flight team at Vincent Jets is here to help! Looking for some of the Best Golf Courses in 2021? We got you covered.

In recognition of the reality of Covid safe travel, reservation policies at most resorts remain generous, ranging from full refunds on cancellations to credits for future use, at no penalty. The trickiest part, at some of the most popular destinations, is simply getting a tee time and a room so why not plan for a road trip with your crew once you land to make the best of it?

Tee times may be tougher to come by this year, with cancellations spilling over from 2020 – however, there is still great golf to be had! The US, UK, and Ireland are loaded with top-notch courses that don’t always make the pages of glossy magazines but our concierge team is ready to get you to. “As we continue to climb out of this pandemic, as quarantines lift, opportunities will exist for great golf trips,” says Gordon Dalgleish, president of PerryGolf. “At that point, it might become a tradeoff of your sheer desire to travel and what compromises you might have to make to do so. And in any event, the prospect of a golf trip might look very appealing compared to sitting at home and watching the four walls.”

Golfers dream big. We all want to play the greatest courses and stay in the most luxurious hotels and inns, and when our thoughts drift to where we might travel, we often settle on the legendary destinations with names that are synonymous with the game: Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, The Greenbrier, Sea Pines, Sea Island, The Broadmoor. These resorts are home to some of the greatest courses, but they are also large, complex properties near other golf destinations with numerous golf courses and something different for every mood and every vehicle.

1. Northern California—From Monterey to Wine Country

PLAY: Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill, Spanish Bay, Old Del Monte. If you head north to Half Moon Bay and tackle the Ocean and/or Old Courses, or continue to wine country and take on the Tom Weiskopf design at Langtry Farms and the two courses at Silverado, with a nice bottle of 2015 Mt. George Merlot at the 19th hole.

DRIVE: Tesla Model X. Your foursome will have plenty of room to stretch out. And if there’s anywhere you should drive an electric vehicle, it’s California.

2. Florida’s Historic Golf Trail—With the Top Down

PLAY: Florida has some of the richest golf histories, starting at The Ponte Vedra Inn & Club’s Ocean Course. Then visit the World Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine. Try to work your way south to Lake Wales GC, the Donald Ross-designed (Brian Silva-restored) Biltmore Golf Club in Coral Gables, and Miami Beach Golf Club. If you’re game, go all the way to Key West Golf Club, and conquer the southernmost course in the U.S.

DRIVE: Jeep Wrangler. The open-air Wrangler will accommodate a twosome nicely and is perfect for a beach trek or two along the way.

3. Northern Michigan—Woods and Waves Tour

PLAY: Either of the two standout tracks at Tullymore Golf Resort, and all 36 at spectacular Arcadia Bluffs, then to Bay Harbor Golf Club and play all 27 there. Next, make time for Treetops in Gaylord, where you’ll have your choice of five courses, including one of the best par-3 courses in America. End your trek at Boyne Highlands, where four more excellent courses await, including the Donald Ross Memorial Course with 18 Ross replica holes.

DRIVE: Cadillac Escalade ESV. The larger-than-life (and Arlington, Mich.-built) Escalade ESV will be right at home on the shore of Lake Michigan.

4. Mile-High Swing Through the Colorado Rockies

PLAY: Arrowhead Golf Club in Littleton, where huge slabs of red rock flank their fairways. Fossil Trace Golf Club in Golden, with its own triceratops footprints. Golf Club at Redlands Mesa in Grand Junction—which offers the one and only Colorado National Monument as a backdrop. Near Vail, play Red Sky Golf Club, Keystone Ranch, and Eagle Ranch. End your trip at the iconic Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs, whose East Course has played host to many USGA national championships.

DRIVE: Porsche Panamera GTS Sport Turismo. This all-wheel-drive estate wagon has lots of cargo space and 473 horsepower—more than enough to handle the steep inclines of the Rockies.

5. Bayous & Bourbon Street—The Louisiana Audubon Golf Trail

PLAY: The Pelican State’s Audubon Golf Trail, named for naturalist John James Audubon, includes three Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Certified golf courses. You will absolutely want to play: Audubon Park Golf Club, a par-62 gem just minutes from downtown; Carter Plantation, the first course from Louisiana native David Toms; Bluffs Golf Resort, where water comes into play on half the holes; Tamahka Trails, named after the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe’s word for alligator; and TPC Louisiana, host for years of the PGA Tour’s Zurich classic.

DRIVE: Dodge Ram 1500 Limited. This is the Deep South. Only a pickup truck will do. The four-door version of the 1500 is as cushy as they come.

7. Escape from New York

PLAY: Visit the three most superb courses at Turning Stone Casino in Verona; Deveraux Emmet’s 1909 Golden Age classic at Leatherstocking Golf Club in Cooperstown; Donald Ross’s 1928 course at The Sagamore near Lake George; Saratoga National in Saratoga Springs; and Ravenwood in the Finger Lakes Region—which happens to be where you can also sample the products of some of New York State’s finest wineries.

DRIVE: Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon. Lightning-fast with tons of space, this supercar with a liftgate lets you travel in comfort and style and is as well-suited for the twisty roads of the Adirondacks as it is for the canyons of Manhattan.

9. New Scotland: Nova Scotia

PLAY: Let’s state the obvious. You are going to start at Canadian architect Graham Cooke’s standout at Glen Arbour near Halifax. Play scenic Digby Pines Golf Resort & Spa on the Bay of Fundy, then work your way north and east to Fox Harb’r near Pugwash and its fun, links-like back nine. From there, it’s up to Cape Breton, where the ever-beautiful Cabot Trail will take you to World’s Top 100 Cabot Links, Cabot Cliffs, and Stanley Thompson’s stellar Highland Links, which like the Cabot twins offers unforgettable ocean views from many holes.

DRIVE: Audi RS7. This wide-bodied sports sedan can accommodate four people, and with 600 horses under the hood and an adjustable air suspension system, it’s the next best thing to a limo.

Every day is a fly day at Vincent Jets, and our flight team is standing by to get you on the links this season! Visit www.vincentjets.com or email charter@vincentjets.com for more information on our golf packages!

Top Private Airports in NJ for 2023

If you didn’t know which were the top private airports in NJ, now you can find out! Private airports are extremely convenient. They give you an opportunity to avoid those long lines at a public airport and offer a more luxurious way to travel. When it comes to New Jersey airports that are classified as private, there are a few options to choose from. Each of these offers its own benefits. In this post, we look at the private airports you can choose from when flying in New Jersey.

Teterboro Airport

Private airports in NJ

Teterboro Airport is certainly one of the more commonly known private options. The airport is situated in Bergen County – particularly the Hasbrouck Heights region of New Jersey. The airport is operated by the AFCO AvPORTS Management. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is the owner of the Teterboro Airport.

Teterboro Airport can be found about 12 miles away from Midtown Manhattan. The location of the airport is what makes it such a popular choice for people who prefer to fly private. Several charter companies that use private aviation turn to Teterboro Airport.

Morristown Airport New Jersey

Private airports in NJ

Another popular option in New Jersey is the Morristown Airport. This airport focuses on providing an elevated experience, with a number of luxury facilities for clients to enjoy. The airport is located in Morris County and is situated just 27 miles from Manhattan.

Morristown Airport provides multiple runways and the company is constantly improving. The primary goal of Morristown is to offer each client a first-class experience, with support from different aviation companies.

Weiss Farm Airport

Weiss Farm Airport

First up on our list is the Weiss Farm Airport, code JY24. This is one of the smaller airports in the area. It is located in Allamuchy, New Jersey. The airport is owned by William Weiss. The runway on the private airport is a bit restrictive, which means larger planes won’t be able to use it. There are two runways, marked Runway 05 and Runway 23 – both featuring a left traffic pattern.

Allamuchy is a very small town with less than 5,000 citizens. The town is perfect for a luxurious getaway and has quite a few interesting findings. There are many areas where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. The Waterloo Village and Stephens State Park are both situated in Allamuchy.

Parker Airport

Parker Airport

When traveling privately to or from Asbury, be sure to check out the Parker Airport. The airport serves the entire Hunterdon County region of New Jersey. There are several facilities offered by these Airports in New Jersey. This includes control towers, maintenance facilities, hangars, and a number of terminals.

In addition to private flights, the airport also offers different business facilities. This includes dining services. There are hotels that can be utilized when you need to spend the night waiting for your flight. The PARKER Airport is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration. There are a few transport services available at the hotel too. This includes cars, taxis, and buses, which can help you reach your destinations. 

Matthews Airport

Matthews Airport

An excellent choice when looking at private facilities close to Belvidere is Matthews Airport. The airport is located on Lommason Glen Road and gives you access to a number of facilities. All of the standard facilities can be found at the airport, along with some added conveniences – such as a restaurant for private jet clients.

The airport name refers to the owners, who are Ivan and Timothy Matthews. The runway consists of both sod and grass and measures 2,000 feet by 50 feet.

Belvidere is a relatively small town, with an area that spans over 3,84 square kilometers. The town has become popular for its “Victorian Days”, where many people would drive from New York toward Belvidere to get a look at the creative people in the area. When traveling to Belvidere for a visit, be sure to consider scheduling your trip in June, August, or September.

Ideal Air Strip Airport

Ideal Air Strip Airport

If you are traveling to Hammonton or surrounding towns, like Atlantic City, Coyle, and Lakehurst, consider making use of the Ideal Air Strip Airport. This is another privately operated airport that focuses on providing you access to luxury and convenience. The airport gives private planes access to a turf runway that measures 150 feet by 1,700 feet. Hammonton is a popular travel destination, particularly due to the large supply of Blueberries found in the town. In fact, many people refer to this little town as the world’s Blueberry capital. The town is home to just under 15,000 individuals and was founded back in 1866.

There are quite a few attractions to consider if you are visiting Hammonton during your private airport travels. This includes Basto Village, the Atsion Recreation Area, Plagidos Winery, and the Basto Village Mansion.


There are quite a few options to choose from when flying private in New Jersey. While commercial airlines can be useful, consider a facility that allows for the use of private aircraft. VincentJets.com caters to people in New Jersey and can assist with arranging private flights to any of the airports we looked at in this post. Be sure to contact us if you prefer a luxurious flight that is privately operated. We can provide you with more information. If you have a specific aircraft or airport name preference, mention this to us and we will do our best to comply with your requirements and desires.

We are ready to fly from any of the top private airports in NJ whenever you are!





Winter Golf: Best Golf Destinations in The US to Escape the Next Cold Snap

Do you live in cold weather like New York? Then, you understand how hard it is to play golf with soggy lies and ice-numbed hands.

Luckily, you don’t have to let the cold weather stop you from playing your favorite game. Instead, you can tee it up at the best winter golf destinations in the US. These golf destinations will offer you a blend of pure golf, relaxation, and unforgettable dining experiences.

If you’re willing to travel to escape the cold, then we suggest you stop by one of these warm and beautiful destinations.

Top Winter Golf Destinations In the US

Winter Golf

Orlando, Florida

During winter, Florida boasts excellent weather, and you never have to worry about the snow. Orlando may be known for its theme parks, but it has some great golf courses too. While there, make sure to stop by Championship Course at Bay Hill Club & Lodge. Reunion Resort and Golf Club is a must-visit because it features three 18-hole courses designed by Watson, Nicklaus, and Palmer. Other premium golf destinations worth checking out in Orlando include Orange County National and Magnolia Course.

Scottsdale, Arizona

If you want to get away from the cold weather to play golf, there’s no better place than the Scottsdale area in Arizona. Scottsdale is also home to many premier courses with breathtaking views like the Saguaro Course and Cholla Course at We-ko-Pa Golf Club. These courses are among the top seven public golf courses in Arizona.

Other top public courses in the region include Quintero in Peoria and Monument Course, and Pinnacle Course at Troon North Golf Club.

Palm Springs, California

California is the envy of the rest of the US during winter. The weather never gets oppressively cold, which allows room for year-round outdoor activities like playing golf. Palm Springs is perhaps the most popular city in California, featuring renowned restaurants, massive shopping centers, and countless festivals.

This golf-rich locale has the top courses in California, like the PGA West Stadium Course, where PGA golf tournaments get held every year. Connected to the PGA West Stadium is La Quinta Resort and Club, which offers world-class accommodation. While in the area, consider a trip to The Classic Club for a more challenging gaming experience.

Naples, Florida

Summer is not the only time to visit Naples in Florida. While it gets slightly colder in the area during winter, the temperature does change that much during the summers and spring months. What’s even better, it doesn’t snow or rain as much in Naples, meaning visitors can enjoy the outdoors all year-round. That’s why the area has made it to our list of the top golf destinations in the US.

For the best tee times in Naples, visit Black Course at Tiburon Golf Club, Naples Grande Golf Club, and Old Corkscrew Golf Club.

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Hilton Head is considered a mecca for golf by avid golfers. This is because it has conducive weather for golfing. There’s no shortage of excellent public and private clubs in this area. And because Hilton Head is not that busy in winter, you’ll have a prime time playing golf at one of the many Hilton head’s distinctive courses.

You will have a wonderful golfing experience at Sea Pines Resort, home to the three best courses on the Island. The Harbor Town Golf Links, Atlantic Dunes, and Heron Point.

Carlsbad, California

Carlsbad is a coastal town in California famous for its warm weather, white sandy beaches, and many activities and events. But more importantly, it’s a great golfing destination during winter. Golfing in this area is more than just a game; it’s an experience.

Many world-class courses with stunning designs offer accommodations, golf classes with top golf pros, and plenty of resorts and spas to unwind.

The most sought out resort in Carlsbad is the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa. The Golf Magazine ranked it as one of the “Top 100 Golf Resorts in North America”. At the property, there are 36 holes at two challenging courses: The Legend Course and Champions Course.

Lahaina, Hawaii

Winter is a fantastic time to visit Hawaii because the temperatures rarely drop below 75°F. As a result, the area’s climate is ideal for most people year-round. If you find yourself in Hawaii, make an effort to stop by the beautifully designed courses at Lahaina.

Play a memorable round of golf at Kapalua Golf and Tennis, which features two best courses worldwide: The Bay Course and Plantation Course.

Over 20 professional tournaments have been held in The Bay Course. On the other hand, The Plantation Course hosts the PGA TOUR’s Sentry Tournament of Championships. It has held the mantle for the best course in Hawaii for the last 13 years. So, enjoy your next round of winter golf in Hawaii.

Playing Golf During Winter

Most golfers call it quits when winter sets in. But, little do they know, golfing during winter is super fun. The clear and quiet mornings, open golf course, and fabulous deals make the experience worth it. Furthermore, playing golf during winter will help you improve your game. Here are a few winter golf hacks to get more out of your game.

Ensure You Have the Right Attire

In winter, it’s crucial to keep your hands warm and dry, especially if you’re golfing. Purchase a pair of hand warmers or wet-weather gloves to keep things under control when playing in the rain.

You need an efficient thin base layer that keeps your body temperature at optimum levels and will not limit your golf swing. Also, wear a pair of thermal winter socks to maintain your body temperature at normal levels. Finally, add in a hoodie to keep your neck warm and blood flowing throughout your body.

Additionally, get some waterproof shoes and water-wicking socks. Yes! The ground might seem frozen after your first tee, but chances are it might not stay that way for long. As you play, the floor will get soggy and cold. That’s something you don’t want for your feet.

Carry The Right Equipment

The right equipment can help you overcome the unpredictability of playing golf during winter. Below is a list of gear you might need:

  • Winter wheels: These wheels will pick up less mud, increasing navigation across the course. Also, they will not cause any significant damage to the ground.
  • High Visibility Yellow Ball: Although serious golfers don’t like yellow balls, they’re much easier to spot than a white ball.
  • Umbrella: You need a good size umbrella to protect you and your bag from rain, snow, or sleet while playing.
  • Add loft to your driver: Your ball won’t roll in marshy and soft ground. Adding a loft to your driver results in more carry and more distance.

Warm Golf Ball Flies

A warm golf ball flies further compared to a cold one. A golf ball will carry two yards shorter every time the temperature drops by ten degrees. Therefore, it makes sense to keep your golf balls warm every time you’re out in the cold. You can do this by keeping the balls in your pocket.

Short Game Practice

In winter, courses play longer because of the chilly weather, frost-covered balls, and soggy grounds. In summer, your Par 4s might require only a flicked wedge and fair drive. But when winter kicks in, you might end up pulling out a 3-wood for your second shot and still come up short.

Chances are, you might find yourself scrambling a lot more with your pars. If you want to keep securing good scores, it’s wise to get your short game and wedge play on point.

Use a Golf Simulator

The dark evenings might not seem like the best time to play golf, but golf simulators can help improve your game. The putting of indoor simulators might be a bit off, but they’re fantastic for driving and iron shots.

Take More Club

When winter kicks in, the ball doesn’t go far and doesn’t roll on the green, so you might require more club.

Make The Most of the Driving Range

In the winter months, stop by the driving range frequently and develop a workout routine. Putting green will also help.

Understand Winter Rules

Winter Golf

Preferred Lies

Preferred lies is a standard golf winter rule that allows golfers to lift, clean, and place their balls, especially when there’s too much mud on the balls.

But it’s essential to understand the specifics of the rule before partaking in any golf event or tournament.

After cleaning your ball, you’re allowed to move it within six inches, a full club length or a scorecard length. If you move past the allowable distance, you will be subjected to a two-stroke penalty.

Casual Water

After a rainy day, chances are you might run into some casual water on the course. If this is the case, and the water is visible under the ball or your leg when you take your normal stance, then you can drop the ball within one club length to the closest point of relief.

Embedded Ball Rule

This winter rule applies if the ball gets plugged into a closely mown turf, and it’s hard to find. If this happens, you’re entitled to a free relief in the rough.

Walk Inside

It’s wise to ditch the golf cart and walk along the course if you want to stay warm during winter. Furthermore, many courses have cart paths only. As you can see, walking can get you to your ball faster than driving.

Make the Most of Winter Greens

While temporary green might have a more negligible effect on your putting, they can help in other areas of your game. For example, winter greens are smaller, so they place more focus on distance control.

Final Thoughts

That marks the end of our guide. Enjoy seamless travels to these top golf destinations. But before heading out, ensure you’ve packed all the equipment you require, and they’re in tip-top shape. Also, dress for the weather.

Private Jet Concierge


private jet concierge

Our dedicated private jet concierge offers a wide variety of individually tailored concierge services to meet all your needs, regardless of how luxurious they are. We will provide you with only the best accommodations to match your lavish lifestyle. These services include door-to-door car service, a security team, state-of-the-art private jet travels, custom curated meals by renowned chefs, and many more.

Our concierge team is standing by to make your next trip as enjoyable as possible. Our expertise, collection of contacts, and accessibility to the most exclusive places and events will be at your disposal. Thus, providing you and your fellow travelers with an unforgettable travel experience.

In addition to providing travel concierge services, we will provide you with tailor-made services to give you a very effortless travel experience. With our specialist knowledge, we will customize your travel plan with all the exact requirements and elements you want. Our concierge services cater to the needs of a wide range of people, whether you are into fashion, sports, entertainment, or you want a direct air carrier to travel and celebrate in style.

We will cater to all your personal needs throughout your entire journey with us. You will experience intuitive, passionate care while in the air and on the ground—specific dining accommodations and itinerary planning to visas and luggage. We will take care of everything and allow you to focus on the joy and luxury of your journey.

Our Services

Private Jet Concierge

Secure Car Service

Our team will provide door to (jet charter) door service from your departure location and arrange the same service in the city or country you land in. And if you have privacy or security concerns, we can provide a security team to allow for a stress-free journey.

Baggage Handling

With the wide variety of luxury services we offer, you do not have to worry about handling your luggage from the charter airport to your destination. We provide door-to-door luggage handling, which means you do not have to lift a single bag. We will make sure that your entire luggage set is where it needs to be without you having to think twice about it.

Dedicated Physician All Through the Journey

We also offer peace of mind to our clients while traveling both long and short distances. We have put measures in place to cater to any medical emergencies throughout your journey. In addition, if any medical issues arise during your travels, we have an onboard doctor to cater to any medical needs or concerns. Meaning you are in super safe and knowledgeable hands when you travel with us. 

Easy and Fast Foreign Security Clearances

We also make sure that you do not have any issues with clearing security. We will help you with travel forms and visas, ensuring you clear security without any hassle with expedited, private customs where possible. Our luxurious services also extend to your security clearances; you will be treated like the VIP that you are.

Aircraft & Personnel Security

Air charter customers do not go through tiresome security clearance like commercial airline passengers. Nevertheless, security and safety are still vital issues for aircraft, and they are a top priority for us. We take security very seriously, and we ensure that our aircraft are secured by qualified personnel before the arrival of our customers. Whether you are a government official, business executive, or celebrity, we have a concierge package and team to meet all your security needs.

Renowned Dining Services

private jet concierge

We also make finding a table in the finest, five-star restaurants a breeze. Chances are you are traveling somewhere new and don’t know where to go for a good meal. We know the best restaurants and bars in all the top destinations we fly to. Call it a job perk of sorts. In addition to providing you with local restaurant recommendations, we can also provide you with personalized meals during the flight.

We will facilitate a unique, private dining experience that you will never forget. We have an onboard chef that is dedicated to accommodating any palate or craving. Our chefs have years of experience in the kitchen, and they will provide you with groundbreaking in-flight menus that include specialties and regional flavors. All the ingredients are fresh and amassed through the journey.

Our concierge team will discuss menu options, record personal and specific dietary needs, and more. Our team will collect this information during the initial booking process to ensure all requested items are ready for you when you arrive at the charter airport.

Exquisite Accommodations

We are also here to take away the hassle of looking for the perfect accommodation at your destination. We will make sure you spend your night in the finest hotels and have access to all the amenities you need to make your journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

In-Plane Amenities

We will also provide you with all the in-plane amenities you need to make the most of your in-flight experience. During the booking process, you can request a variety of items or services. For example, if you want to work on the go, we will provide you with everything you need to be as productive as possible in flight. If you dislike flying, we will include some common remedies for nausea and supply relaxation tools. We are happy to accommodate any special requests.

Dedicated Flight Attendant

Private Jet Concierge

The entire flight crew will be at your service during the private jet charter. By hiring a private aircraft, you, and those you are traveling with (if any) would be the only passenger(s) in the private jet. As such, you will have the full attention and dedication of the flight attendants.

They are experienced in accommodating all types of clients and special requests; they are hardworking, attentive, discreet, and always within your reach. But, while they are always at your service, they are also always mindful of your privacy. So, you can get all the space and privacy you want during the flight.

We are here to make sure you make the most of your journey. Our dedicated and experienced team is standing by. Whether it is a private jet charter, ground transportation, hotel reservations, personal concierge service, or personalized services, we are here to provide you with first-class treatment. Our private jet concierge will take care of it all; just sit back and enjoy the flight.

Vincent Jets clientele ranges from high-profile celebrities to Board of Directors and politicians, so rest assured, you are in secure hands. The perks of using  Vincent Jets as your personal private jet charter are nearly endless, and our dedicated team can customize your flight to accommodate all your needs. Contact charter@vincentjets.com, and elevate your experience with our private jet concierge.

Winter Wonderland Vacations

Winter Wonderland Vacations


There are two types of travelers during the winter season. Those who embrace the cold and all the outdoor activities that come with it. And those who prefer a cup of hot chocolate and fine dining to escape the freezing temperatures. If you are looking for the ultimate winter wonderland guideline, then you’ve come to the right place. We collected a few options across the United States that are sure to get your holiday spirit back on track. So let’s jump right in!



Burgdorf Hot Springs, Idaho

Warm-up with this winter getaway for the holiday season. Not only do you get to soak in mineral-rich waters, but you also get to see stunning scenery. The property features rustic cabins, perfect for creating that winter wonderland vibe. It’s open every day, so you get to soak even on Christmas day. There are also Idaho horse-drawn sleigh rides. You can snuggle up with a partner and get enchanted by the wilderness. You can find some horseback riding nearby.


The Rocky Mountains During the Snow Season

There are a ton of things to do in these mountains even in winter. There are many festivals and winter sports you shouldn’t miss out on. Here you can try:

  • Sledding – This is what you call a sledding paradise. With kids sliding up and down the old bunny hill in the ski resort. For snow tubing, try Squaw creek instead.
  • Wildlife observing – The great outdoors is mindblowing. This is the season where you can spot an elk or a big moose picking their way through the thick snow.
  • Cross country skiing – When you leave your cozy cabin, you can rent skis at Estes Park and Grand Lake. The groomed trails make for perfect downhill skiing or alpine skiing. While the ski slopes can give you that thrill you are looking for in cross country skis. If you want to enjoy the vast slopes well off the beaten track, then heli-skiing is the way to go.
  • Exploring the park’s trails – If you enjoy the solitude of the cold wintery days, then snowshoeing across the park’s trails may be your cup of tea. Snowshoeing makes for a solid low-impact aerobic exercise. Famous spectacular vistas for snowshoeing include the Bear Lake Loop, Cup Lake, and Mills Lake. But, make sure the terrain is safe before starting your winter activities.
  • Ice climbing – Although not for the faint of heart, these mountains are among the most wanted destinations for ice climbers. The thrill of climbing frozen waterfalls can really create a once-in-a-lifetime memory.


Winter Wonderland Vacations


Montage Deer Valley in Park City, Utah

Utah is famous for its long periods of snowfall, short daylight, and freezing temperatures. It is one of those winter wonderland spots that should be on the top of your list. One such location in the area is this elevated alpine escape. This place offers an elegant, yet distinctive getaway, which makes for a perfect destination.

You get access to America’s primer ski resorts and luxurious accommodations. The fresh powder snow teams up with the stunning Wasatch Mountain terrain, making it a place to remember. You can also find some dog sled rides nearby. There are customized dog sledding tours for families and adults in the area.

Whitefish Mountain Resort in Big Mountain, Northwest Montana

Situated in the western region of Glacier National Park, just 4 miles from Whitefish, this resort offers fun for every season. Including more than 3,000 acres of backcountry skiing nearby. They also have a hot tub and indoor pool if you are looking to let off some steam.

In Northwest Montana, you can also find a couple of fun activities that are super easy to afford. Like playing hockey or ice skating. You can ice skate on the pond at Woodland Park. Other than ice skating, on your visit to Kalispell, you can attend the rodeo and explore the area and the charming old town Whitefish. Sleigh rides are also an option across the picturesque town. After all, sleigh riding is pretty popular.

Wintery Hiking at Grandfather Mountain

There is no better icy exploration than walking through a national park in the middle of winter. Packed with both advanced and easy routes, you can rest assured knowing you’ve planned a solid adventure. The unmatched ecological diversity and beautiful landscape can truly bring out that wintery spirit.

New York for the Best Winter Break

Visiting New York City in the snowy season makes for the perfect winter vacation. It’s not the North Pole, but, it is like stepping onto a real-life set of a Christmas movie. The lavish lights, the smell of roasting chestnuts, and carriage ride through Central Park are surely a sight to remember. There is live music everywhere. Particularly on Christmas Eve. Don’t forget to check out the Rockefeller Center Tree for the annual tree lighting ceremony before you head back to your hotel lobby. All those twinkle lights and sparkly decorations make for a fine holiday light show.

Wrap Up

As among the most geographically and culturally diverse country on the globe, the United States is full of a variety of snowy getaways for everyone’s taste. Whether you like to see a charming town, ice skating rinks, or a good old mountain house, this region has it all. You can even spend some of your free time doing Christmas cookie decorating. Of course, you can’t see everything in one day. So, you might want to leave some time to properly explore the places you select. Call the Vincent Jets team any time, any day, to discuss destination options and customize your perfect flight. Every day is fly day!


Small Bites in the Sky



Small bites in the sky are a must when flying private.

If you have not seen the exceptional charcuterie talent of New Jersey native Daniella Galbo, you are going to want to check it out before your next jet charter.

Daniella started her business during the pandemic of 2020, always having a passion for food and good company. Daniella derived her boards from personal culture and life experiences.

With boards ranging from small cheese boxes to custom grazing tables and even candy boards, there are options for every client’s specific taste and style!

Products for her boards are sourced from local farmers’ markets, domestic and international cheese vendors, small businesses, and larger markets such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

Have a dietary restriction or preference? Daniella can easily customize your board to accommodate your needs. Servicing parts of Bergen, Essex, and Hudson counties, Boards by Daniella is currently expanding rapidly to areas like Manhattan, Long Island, Fire Island, Staten Island, and Connecticut.

Most recently, she has taken on what she calls “Aircuterie” which caters to private jets and flights.

These boards range from personal servings or large grazing boards with enough to feed 15-20 people.

Longer flights have the option to start with a brunch board and end with a traditional board that pairs with a lovely wine.

Her beautifully hand-crafted boards are complemented by her booming celebrity reviews. Daniella has clients such as Dolores Catania, Terese Giudice, and Jennifer Aydin ( The Real Housewives of New Jersey). She has also had the privilege to work with sports journalists and local magazines; also having an article published on Bravo Home & Living and being interviewed by Darren Rovell.

Whether you’re planning on having a small picnic, hosting a large party, or jumping on a private flight to your favorite island getaway, Daniella is available to cater your every event!

Small bites in the sky, ready when you are, it’s gouda brie a good day.