Take an Excursion to the Sparkling Blue Aegean

Vincent Jets welcomes you on a private flight to Bodrum, Turkey an alluring city on the Bodrum Peninsula, extending from Turkey’s southwest coast into the Aegean Sea. Equally enthralling during the daytime and night, Bodrum is a rising tourist destination. The city is plentiful in views, dining, and activities that make authentic experiences. Whether you long for a splash in the water, vibrant nightlife, or rich cuisine, Bodrum aims to please you. Fly with Vincent Jets for a smooth and tranquil trip to Bodrum, Turkey.


Bodrum TurkeyRich Ancient History 

Bodrum is a city of ancient wonder and history. It existed under the name of Halicarnassus of Caria in early times. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Mausoleum of Mausolus, marked its existence in Bodrum. This city is deeply rooted in the history of great civilizations in or near Bodrum, making it a must-visit destination for historians.

Sparkling Waters

extending from Turkey’s southwest coast.

A coastal city admired for its enchanting bays and lagoons, Bodrum offers numerous opportunities by the water. Whether it be embarking on a cruise, sailing, or beach hopping, here are top-quality beaches to accomplish all your marine dreams.

  •  Aspat Beach is a beach that is remote and private. It is favored for its scenic views, even described by people as similar to “something out of a movie.” 
  • Bitez Beach has captivating scenery and attractions. Its vibrant bar culture and live music make it trendy and suitable for young travelers in search of some excitement.
  • Gumbet Beach, also known as party paradise, is bliss with discos, bars, and clubs. This beach has a friendly and lively atmosphere that promises adventure in the night.
  • Karaincir Beach is the place to wine and dine, a beach in Bodrum that encourages meals on the beach. Loved by locals and foreigners, this beach is considered the Maldives of Bodrum.
  • Kumbahçe Beach is authentic with its crystal waters, pirate ships, and plant life. At this beach, you are close enough to view the Bodrum castle.
  • Ortakent Beach is a lovely beach with a serene atmosphere. Umbrellas and chairs for lounging are readily available, as well as small and local cafes for pleasant dining.

Aromatic CuisineBodrum Cuisine

Turkish cuisine is nothing short of rich and flavorful. Here is a list of popular dishes in Bodrum that embody Turkish culture and taste.

  • Chorbasy Çorbalar (Soups): Ishkembe – Lamb offal soup with vinegar and garlic
  • Tarkhana: A soup made from a mixture of dried tomatoes, peppers, onions, flour and yeast
  • Merjimek: Soup with red lentils
  • Shekhrieli eshil merjimek: Soup with noodles and green lentils
  • Kokorech (Meat): Kokorech is made from lungs, heart, and kidneys fried on the grill. Next, the chef finely chops the guts, mixes the guts with hot spices, and drags it with the intestines. The dish is served with vegetables or on a piece of bread.
  • Kebab (Meat): Kebab is grilled meat or minced meat. Several restaurants and street cafes sell kebabs in Bodrum.
  • Baklava (Dessert): Baklava is the most popular Turkish delicacy, made from thin layers of pastry soaked in honey syrup and filled with nuts.


If you hope to stay in the waters, a luxurious beach hotel/resort is desirable. Below are establishments that fancy aquatic lovers.

Bodrum charms tourists with its historic buildings, white sand beaches, and duality to all visitors. Whether you crave relaxing or compelling experiences, embrace the Turkish city lifestyle with Vincent Jets. Vincent Jets is the gateway between you and your dream destination, promising travel beyond your regular standards. Book your private flight to Bodrum, Turkey with Vincent Jets today.