5 Reasons For Your Consideration.

When To Think About Flying Private. 

1. You have a large group of important people: The more people that need to go somewhere, the more it will make financial sense to fly private. If you take a group of 8 extremely well-paid employees, who would usually fly first class, the time saved flying private can justify the cost difference alone. Not to mention, flying private boosts productivity. These employees can work in total privacy whereas if you’re in first class on a commercial flight, you have no clue who is next to you listening.

2. You are in need of a multi-stop itinerary: If you have a group that needs to be to and from multiple locations within a short period of time, going private makes sense with time, hotel accommodations, and food.

3. You will be using a frequently discounted route: At Vincent Jets, as with any carrier, certain routes cost less than others. If you are flying from Teterboro Airport to West Palm Beach or from Santa Monica to San Jose, for example, your flight provider will get you the best deal they can.

4. You fly routes that commercial planes don’t offer: Hauling your family or company from Santa Barbara to Orange County for a trip by car or bus can be a hassle – while commercial airlines don’t typically make this route, a charter company like Vincent Jets does.

5. You’ll be facing inclement weather: When you have an important meeting or family emergency, a private plane can often fly around, over, or under nasty weather, while local storms will ground commercial aircraft.

“Everyday Is Flyday at Vincent Jets.” – Joseph Vincent, Founder.