If your career recently took off, it may seem as though you spend more time in the air than with your feet on the ground. While you may love to see the world, you probably dread the damage that air travel does to your daily routine. As you get ready for your next venture, use these tips to tailor your travel plans to increase your productivity.

Manage Time Zones Like a Pro

Adjusting to time zones is a major drag on your productivity, and even being an hour off increases the symptoms of jet lag. Switch all of your electronic devices to the new time zone as soon as you get on the plane. This gives your mind time to adjust so that you don’t feel like you missed an hour at all.

Keep Your Electronics Charged

It sounds simple, but having your laptop or phone ready to go is critical for utilizing every moment. Charge your electronics the night before your trip, and bring backup power supplies that you can use in a pinch. This prevents you from having a call drop right as you are about to close that critical deal mid-air.

Eat Well & Often

It’s tempting to skip meals when you are traveling, especially when you can’t stand unhealthy road food. However, this leads to fatigue and moodiness that impacts your career. Make arrangements for catering services on your private flight that allows you to graze on healthy fruits and vegetables that hydrate and energize.

Fly on Private Jets

Commercial airlines may be how most people travel. However, being at the airport early and deal with lines is a major waste of time. Private jet charters allow you to arrive just a few minutes before your flight and immediately board the plane. Since you can pick your plane, you can even fly direct to harder-to-reach islands.

Delegate the Travel Planning

Your personal assistant knows exactly what to buy your mom for her birthday, and you should expect your travel planner to have the same ability to seamlessly plan your itinerary. Find a flight director with access to multiple modes of transportation so that a simple call is all it takes to make your travel plans.

Limit Multitasking

You might take a business call while getting your nails done, but trying to do things like check-in for a flight while you read a script leads to mistakes. Organize your travel plans so that you can focus solely on the job ahead of you from the moment you arrive at the airport and not worry about stuff like how to check your baggage.

Prioritize the Big Stuff

Once you’ve settled in, skip menial tasks such as organizing your calendar. Instead, use the private time to problem solve that management issue or tackle that major project.

Take Control Over Your Environment

When people depend upon you to be at your best, you don’t have time to let crowds or noise stress you out. Utilize your time in flight effectively by choosing your travel partners. Then, you can do things such as dim the lights for a power nap or pace around to stimulate your creativity without anyone else saying a word.

Host a Mid-Flight Meeting

When you and your colleagues are flying to the destination, use the travel time wisely. On a private jet, you can have your concierge set up for a corporate presentation, or you can have an intimate discussion away from the public eye. Either way, you will have already knocked out a major task by the time you land.

At Vincent Jets, we know that every moment counts. Make your next trip the most productive ever by getting in contact with one of our flight directors today.