Private Jet Interior

Curious about a private jet interior? Keep reading.

We all understand the advantages of air travel. While many of these people use standard airlines, some prefer to have a private jet for traveling purposes. In the United States, there are over 21,000 business aircraft registered.

Flying in a private jet has several advantages. For many people, the interior designs offered by such a jet is what attracts them. Want an inside view of what these people are experiencing? Then read on, as we take a closer look inside a private jet.

Take A Look Inside A Private Jet

While private jets focus on providing the same function as a regular aircraft, they do come with their advantages. Whether you need to host a conference while traveling or require a luxurious bed to take a nap – these are only some of the amazing features we see in private jets.

Most Luxurious Private Jet Interior Designs

When it comes to luxurious private jet interiors, the Boeing 787-8 BBJ is one of the most well-known options. The aircraft forms part of the Boeing Business Jets range and offers a medium-sized haul. On the inside, you are presented with 2,400 square feet of space – with enough room for up to 40 people.

In addition to a fully featured living room space, a master bedroom can also be found inside the jet – which features its own walk-in closet.

Apart from the walk-in closet, another factor that adds to the luxurious aesthetics and design elements would be the large shower. This shower is featured in the master bedroom – which makes it easy to get into the bed after a warm shower.

Another luxury jet design that definitely needs a spot here is the Embraer Lineage 1000E. Even on the outside, this aircraft already features a modern design. Inside, you can find a master bedroom with its own bathroom, a range of skylights, and a big-screen TV.

The ACJ319neo is a jet that focuses on providing a luxury environment for a large number of individuals. There are several seating arrangements that can be found in the interior.

Well Known Jet Interior Designers

These jets did not design themselves, of course. Apart from the aircraft manufacturers, experts in the field of design are often involved in the process of private jets. Bombardier Global and other manufacturers all work with experts in aviation style to bring companies and the wealthy access to the latest interiors.

Design Q has become one of the more recognized jet interior designers. This company was first founded in 1997 and has since been in evolved in the design of luxury jets from multiple manufacturers.

Alberto Pinto is also a designer that people should keep an eye on. His sense of luxury surpasses many of the other designers throughout the world. Alberto has even worked with royal families in the past. He is known for his work on aircraft from both the Boeing and the Bombardier Global brands.

When it comes to a more minimalistic private jet design, Martin Kemp comes to mind. This expert has a team that takes advantage of the latest technologies to deliver a luxury interior that is simple, minimalistic, but also functional at the same time.

Favorite Jet Interior Features

Some features in private jets are certainly more desirable or requested than others. Additionally, when it comes to aviation design, it is important to note that the needs of the client will be taken into consideration.

A business that requires a private Boeing, for example, may have a need for facilities that allow partners to have a meeting while on the flight. In such a case, one room in the Boeing 747-iI comes into mind. This particular jet features a large dining room that easily doubles as a conference setup. The room also comes with a TV, which is great for times where a third party needs to be present when they are not on the flight.

Master bedrooms are also highly requested among people who prefer the use of a private jet. These bedrooms are often fitted with a king-size bed. Additional luxury features can be seen in a private jet that comes with its own master bedroom. These features often include walk-in closets, separate showers, and more.

For a more relaxed trip, some people rather prefer a luxurious living room right inside the jet. This may consist of comfortable couches that come with convenient features, such as reclining seats. You’ll often see desks installed in such a room, which allows people to enjoy a meal with some wine while they are sitting back and taking a break from the world underneath.

Final Thoughts

Private jets offer a wide range of features that makes your flight more convenient. From internet access to an interior design that puts your comfort first. We looked at some of the best private jet interiors in this post – which one is your favorite? Be sure to drop a comment below, and feel free to share your own experiences too.

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