Hoboken, NJ Is a Festive City

Attending festivals is another fun thing you will not miss enjoying while in Hoboken. So, if you are a festival lover, your choices to go with are pretty endless. Here are just a few of the most popular. Information can be found here.


SantaCon is an event held worldwide. Thousands of people dress up and visit pubs and bars to celebrate this day. SantaCon at Hoboken is certainly one of the most sought out SantaCons anywhere. The fun-filled atmosphere of the city plays host to this fantastic day, and every year the town is filled with people having the time of their lives. Food, bars, and party define SantaCon, and Hoboken is the most special of them all. See here for information about Hoboken, NJ Is a Dining Den.

Hoboken Arts and Music Festival

You may choose to visit Hoboken for the annual Hoboken Arts and Music Festival. Whatever your poison, be it music, live events, or event photography, the Hoboken Arts and Music festival is the thing to do while in the city. Local artists and vendors are known to display their works and wares here. Every year, hundreds of visitors attend the festival to patronize the culture that Hoboken offers.