Going The Extra Mile; Covid Clear

With the health and safety aspect of life now making more flyers willing to pay the extra cost to fly private as opposed to first-class on commercial, Vincent Jets is looking forward to making every day fly day as comfortable and safe as we can for our clients. 

Businesses frequently use private aircraft as tools to transport executives quickly between locations and meetings, or for other needs that airlines can’t satisfy, whether it be the convenience of not depending on airline schedules, the luxury of flying in a private plane, or even just the privacy compared to a packed airline. But the high cost of chartering an entire aircraft has turned away even those with the means to do so for family, including the low-key travelers among the jet-set class who don’t blink twice before booking a first-class seat but draw the line at private charter. It’s that decision between first-class and private charter that will now be up for grabs more so than before as the health and safety factor is expected to weigh heavily in the decision to fly.

Much like the airlines, private jet firms have been investing in new cleaning procedures including spraying disinfectants and applying antimicrobial coatings. The new measures combined with a controlled cabin environment that exists in private aviation may offer enough peace of mind to make the jump seem more practical. Finding it important for everyone to create next-level best practices in terms of health and safety.

The industry is investing in new cleaning and safety methods to ensure that travelers are protected when flying and encourage more individuals and businesses to make the leap to private. Some are now offering a new product, called “COVID-19 Cleared,” which aligns the efforts of the operator with vendors to ensure that touchpoints on a passenger’s journey from door to door are safe for contact. When passengers opt for the service, the flight team goes beyond just cleaning its plane to ensure that ground transportation vehicles are cleaned and secured with a seal until passengers arrive. Upon request before boarding their aircraft, flight crew and passengers may undergo interviews with health professionals via a virtual screening to ensure they’re fit to travel. The trend is to ensure passenger safety is expanding across the industry as both existing and potential passengers are demanding a heightened focus on health and safety.

Private jet operators are also reporting that businesses are considering opening up the purse strings for employees to travel on private planes to avoid potential exposure. Flying private already offers benefits to businesses that airlines can’t including the ability to reach remote airports and on-demand service not dependent on fixed flight times.

Bigger budgets are being made available to safeguard their employees from the risk of much bigger spaces with more people. New aircraft are also debuting nearly every year that will allow businesses and private individuals to fly more people further without having to stop, maximizing the benefit of the aircraft. For example, one company recently took delivery of a new ultra-long-range aircraft, the Bombardier Global 7500, which can fly routes of up to 7,700 nautical miles.

If you would like to understand how our operation works and how we make sure that we can safeguard your friends, family, and employees please contact us at info@vincentjets.com.