If you have ever been on the flats searching for that perfect bonefish and your eyes gaze upon the horizon and you get lost in the translucent place where the sky meets the water you have arrived at ” Black Fly Lodge”. The profound meeting of calmness, soulfulness, and extreme relaxation.  

Your heart slows, your mind eases and the only thought you have is peace and serenity as you scan the endless blues of the Atlantic Ocean and Marsh Harbour looking for that perfect fish.

June Kemp’s life is about this… the hunt, the exhilaration of the catch, the accomplishment of the challenge, the pure calmness that comes over you as you feel the line tighten between your fingers. Having fished offshore and flats for the past 25 years in The Bahamas, it is not just a passion but an entire life. Her “job” is the boss lady to Blackfly Lodge located on the southern end of Abaco. A 5-star fishing lodge with access to some of the biggest trophy fish in the Bahamas. This 8 room fully appointed lodge caters to the most discerning of fishermen and women. Blackfly Lodge has its own executive chef who creates culinary delights from some of the biggest offshore catches that June and Clint Kemp bring ranging from wahoo and yellowfin tuna to stone crabs and lobster from their very own traps. The Blackfly Lodge staff welcomes you like family and makes sure that you have nothing to worry about other than your cast.

In this hectic time of life when you feel the squeeze of pressure tell yourself, “your soul needs this”… sit around the fire at night with a glass of rum, a smooth cigar, and a group of friends new and old, and let yourself relax. You will be more than happy you did.

Vincent Jets is ecstatic for this destination of the season (Black fly). Holiday flights are now available for booking, and all small planes are ready for your safe and custom arrival to the Bahamas. June and the team at Blackfly Lodge hope to share their world with you one day and the marvelous fly fishing adventure. Until then, tight lines!